Tour Edge Brings Forged Wedge To Exotics Line

Tour Edge CP Pros Wedge
Tour Edge CP Pros Wedge
Tour Edge CP Pros Wedge

One of the “secret” brands of the golf industry is adding some short game gear to their offerings.

Tour Edge Golf, long known for producing fairway woods that many tours players use ( without compensation I might add), has added new wedges in their Exotics brand.

The Exotics CB PROs are the first forged wedges ever offered under the Exotics family.

Simple looking in design, the CB PROs have an aggressive “MONGO” groove design for maximum displacement of material that may affect how the club face interacts with the ball. This allows for greater friction and higher spin rates.

Tour Edge president and Chief Designer David Glod added a versatile sole grind to the wedges, making them more effective from a greater variety of lies.  Bounce was eliminated in the heel and toe areas to make it easier to execute shots with an open or closed face.

They will be available in 5 lofts starting at 50 degrees and all the way to 60 degrees.  They are backed by a lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee. 

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