Wilson Continues Flexible Iron Heritage With D7 Forged Irons

You’d be forgiven if thought of the 105 year-old heritage of Wilson Golf and automatically thought of their “Staff” blade irons. Through the late part of the last century this was the golf club design they were most known for. You can chalk that up to heavy use by successful professional golfers and the average amateur wanted to be like them.

Muscleback blades were not for everyone, even if we wanted it to be the case, and that’s why Wilson used the full might of their sporting goods company to also create some products for the average player.

Sure you can still buy Wilson Staff blades if you dare, but most golfers would benefit from something a little more forgiving. The new D7 Forged irons fill that niche while offering some performance benefits.

That’s also not new for Wilson, who was on the forefront of higher ball speeds through face flex technology dating back more than four decades. See this Byron Nelson ad for Wilson Reflex irons for proof.

Technology and materials have improved greatly since the Reflex irons were brought out in 1979 but there are still some similarities. You’ll see that in the D7 Forged irons, which come to retail on January 21, 2020.

In the sole of the new irons you’ll note what the company calls “Power Hole” and “Power Chamber” technologies.

They effectively help the D7 Forged irons do what the Reflex irons did, but in a more efficient way, with modern materials, and a wayyyyy better feel. You get a club face that can flex but with a supporting urethane material that reduces any harsh sound and feel that could result.

A forged carbon steel (8620) face also aids in this matter, something obviously significant enough for Kevin Tway to sign with the company and put the irons in play right away this week at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Yes, there was a previous D7 set of irons, but the D7 Forged are a real upgrade for those looking for a little more refinement in the looks department. A thinner topline, less offset, and a more compact blade size should make them more agreeable to that crowd.

The new Wilson D7 Forged iron sports a thinner topline that the previous D7 model

“Combining the distance technologies from the original D7 line with the aesthetics of Wilson Staff’s players irons, the D7 Forged Irons provide an ideal blend of maximum distance and ultimate feel for golfers looking for effortless distance and ultimate control,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Golf Club Innovation. “Through the optimized sole and face thickness, urethane-filled Power Chamber and centered power holes, the new D7 Forged Irons give golfers remarkable ball speeds, shot-making ability, and a soft forged feel across the entire club face.”

Pre-orders for the new irons will begin on January 14th (2020) with arrival at retail a week later. The stock shaft offerings will be the KBS $-Taper Lite steel shafts or True Temper Catalyst Black 80 graphite shafts.

Wilson D7 Forged Irons
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