Golf Fitness by SwingFit: Foot Stability & The Kinetic Chain

With Daniel Marsh, SwingFit Golf Academy

“My knee hurts!” , “My back hurts!”, “My shoulder hurts!” 

Sound familiar at all? 

We often seek out specialists to address localized problems like back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain. The specialist genuinely cares about your pain and aches and spends time giving you appropriate exercises to address the sore spots. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, the problems are at the other end of the body. 

The kinetic chain can be thought of as an alternating sequence of stable and mobile joints starting at the bottom of your feet. If one of these joints stops doing its job properly, all of the adjoining joints are forced to take over and have a trickle-down effect. 

Take a look at the image below. 

Mobility/Stability – Kinetic Chain

If the left foot rolls inward, notice how the left knee and leg have to respond to rolling inward too. This on its own can cause a lot of pain in the knee. BUT, it doesn’t stop there. 

The hip, spine, and shoulders all become affected as each joint tries to respond to the joint below all in an effort to keep your head level and your centre of gravity in place. 

Corrected quickly, this isn’t a major concern. Left to occur over and over again, this becomes your standard movement pattern, and problems and potential for injury arise.

How do we know if it is our feet causing problems and not the joint in pain? 

Good question!! 

Stand in the mirror with your shoes off. Raise one foot off the floor. If the foot you are standing on starts to move inward right away, chances are you have foot issues as well as inactive glutes. 

Because glutes are the king of the swing, now you are losing efficiency and power. That means yards!

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Try a KB “Around the World” Exercise to help strengthen your feet and get your glutes more engaged! 

Standing as tall as you can on one leg, slowly pass a Kettlebell around your waistline moving in the direction of your little toe to your big toe. If you are doing it correctly, you will start to feel the whole kinetic chain start to activate. 

Check out this video link below!

Daniel Marsh

CEO, Press Performance LAB

Director of Fitness, SwingFit Golf Academy

TPI LVL 2 Golf Fitness Specialist

FMS Specialist

SuperSpeed Certified

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