Golf Fitness by SwingFit – Postural Stability Workout

With Evan Bett, SwingFit Golf

Are you struggling with consistency? Falling apart toward the end of your rounds? What you’re experiencing is postural fatigue. Here’s a little stability circuit to fire up those stabilizers and put those key postural muscles to work for more endurance. 

Think about your body as a spinning top. As a top starts to lose momentum the energy is dissipated in all directions, sending the top into a wobble and eventual stop. Our bodies are no different. As our postural muscles begin to fatigue, the energy produced during the swing is sent in all directions and our ability to maintain an efficient axis of rotation is disrupted. An inability to sustain a good axis of rotation or spine angle marks the onset of inconsistency and poor performance. 

Each of these exercises target the posterior chain (the chain of muscles on your backside) which will help improve your postural endurance so you can hit it straighter and last longer. 

Swing healthy folks!

Evan Bett

PGA of Canada Associate Professional

TPI Golf Fitness Specialist

CHEK Golf Performance Specialist 

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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