Golf Fitness by SwingFit – The Overswing – Shoulder Flexibility & Corrective Stretching

With Evan Bett, SwingFit Golf

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all swing like the legendary John Daly and carry the ball over Niagara Falls? I’m not sure he actually accomplished that but still, Daly will forever be known for his incredibly long back swing and Tour leading distance. 

The problem is that we’re not all as athletic or skilled as Daly once was in his prime and trying to mimic his swing pattern with a bent lead arm and club dropping into our peripheral often comes at a cost – inconsistency. You might even be the type of golfer who gets the club to an ideal position in the backswing but what you’re not paying attention to is the breakdown of your lead arm position. 

Any sort of bend, or breakdown, of the lead arm position during the backswing is what I consider “The Overswing”. And this type of swing characteristic generally boils down to one common denominator, a lack of shoulder flexibility. If you sit a hunched over at a desk as a career or have suffered some sort of rotator cuff injury in the past, I would bet that 9/10 of you have restricted range of motion in your shoulders. I’m talking about internal rotation and external rotation. Any limitation in your ability to rotate the shoulders efficiently can cause the overswing characteristic which in most cases will lead to an inconsistent swing plane as you try to deliver the club back to an ideal position on the downswing. 

Check out the video link below for more of an explanation on how to assess yourself for shoulder flexibility and how to manually correct yourself through stretching techniques. 

Swing healthy!

Evan Bett

PGA of Canada Associate Professional

TPI Golf Fitness Specialist

CHEK Golf Performance Specialist 

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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