Golf Fitness by SwingFit – Golfer’s Strength Workout

With Evan Bett, SwingFit Golf

Enjoy this little strength circuit, a mix of both beginner and intermediate exercises designed to prepare your body for the development of power. If you find any of these movements challenging, you need to revert back to more stability, core and basic body weight strength. 

Golf-Specific Benefits:

One Arm Swiss Press

  • Full body integration and muscle recruitment
  • Enhance balance, endurance and core strength
  • Protect the shoulder from unnecessary wear and tear (compared to traditional Bench Press)

Cross Box Step Up

  • Improve consistency from uneven lies
  • Integrate movement of the hips, knees and ankle stabilizers

High Row & Reach

  • Integration of the legs, pelvis, trunk and shoulders/arms
  • Encourage rotational forces through the mid back
  • Maintain distance and prevent shoulder injuries

Single Leg Glute Bridge

  • Enhance balance and strength
  • Improve activation of the Gluteus muscles
  • Minimize and prevent low back injury/pain

External Cross Body Rotations

  • Improve and maintain rotator cuff strength and mobility
  • Prevent future shoulder injury
  • Enhance power and speed stimulus for more distance

Understand the body and swing connection and train with purpose. Work these into your current routines but don’t neglect the little things. Swing healthy folks!

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Evan Bett

PGA of Canada Associate Professional

TPI Golf Fitness Specialist

CHEK Golf Performance Specialist 

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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