Five Things To Work On For Better Golf In 2021

That’s it! You’ve decided that in 2021 you want to lower your golf score, improve your skills, and find a way to get more enjoyment out of a game you already love. But where do you start? We’ve got some ideas…

Upgrade Your Equipment

We don’t mean just running out to buy the latest and greatest club that you see your favourite player using. That’s pretty much useless if the club (s) are not suitable for you.

Make this the year you actually spend some time with a true golf club fitting professional to look at clubs BEYOND the brand name. Let them examine your swing characteristics, assess your on-course needs, and come up with a game plan to optimize performance and find you the best fourteen tools that you can put in your bag to help ensure success. You’d be shocked at what you are leaving on the table for scoring just by having the wrong equipment in your bag from a fit perspective.

Educate Yourself On Ball Flight Laws

Understanding the concepts of why a golf ball acts like it does on the air is a great way to push your game forward. If you don’t truly understand why a golf ball starts off in the direction it does, achieves height and spin, or curves one way or the other than you are cheating yourself out of a lot.

Get together with your coach and get a tune up on some basics of ball flight. We spend WAY too much time looking at our backswings without really knowing what we really need to do to make a golf ball fly the way we refer. Having some idea of the effects of face angle, path, angle of attack, and dynamic loft, is a huge advantage you don’t want to miss out on. It’s not that cryptic and can explain a whole lot about our past successes and failures.

Footwork Fun

Many golfers would be shocked at how much of an influence your feet have in the golf swing. Modern tools like force plates and pressure mats allow coaches and instructors to measure what is going one with both movement and the application of pressure between your feet and the ground and use that to improve everything that happens upward from there.

Do A Body Check

What do I mean by this? Well, each and every one of us has things we are capable and incapable of doing as far as our body is concerned. If you are trying to do something in your swing that you are not able to do physically, you are likely wasting a lot of effort.

Doing what is called a “Physical Screen” by a trained professional will give you and your coach a roadmap to work with or around to help you achieve golf success. It’s a simple procedure that takes you through a series of movements to see what your body can do as far as movement is concerned.

Make A Plan

Don’t just say you want to get better this year; plan to do so. Create some goals, add some objectives related to them, and start laying out how you will achieve them.

Want to gain 10 yards on your drives in 2021? Maybe you need to look at optimizing your clubs, making a swing change, or getting in better physical shape. (or maybe all three)

Either way, don’t just WISH for things to get better. Do something to make to make it happen.



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