Five Ways To Improve Your Golf Scores in 2019

A proper equipment fitting can do wonders for your score

This will sound familiar, I am sure of that. But it’s a good reminder that after a season of golf where you might not have reached your goals, you might need to change things up for this year.

Make A Plan

Yes, it sounds simple but most of us say we want to get better and then quickly fall off task as we don’t have a plan. In most cases the best way to find a way forward it to have a skills assessment done with a coach (yes, you’ll need one of those) who can determine aspects of your game that are hurting your score. You can then determine a course of action to resolve them. Measurable goals and objectives related to them will help your path to success.

Get Equipment Fitted – Properly

This does not mean run out and buy all new equipment – although you may need to add to your repertoire. See an experienced club fitting specialist who understands the golf swing to make sure you are getting the most from your equipment. An issue as simple as an incorrect lie angle on your irons or a poorly fitted loft on your driver can rob you of many, many strokes. It can also cause you to compensate with your swing, taking you down a road to even greater disasters.

Play More

If you want to develop touch and feel, your body has to be familiar with the motions in golf and the many situations you can end up in. If you find it tough to get out regularly, maybe joining a league of some kind will heighten your commitment levels and get you on the golf course more in 2019.

Take Care Of That Body

You only have one body; take care of it. Consider seeing a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified trainer or physiotherapist who can properly screen you for any body limitations that might affect your golf movements. Using this information to develop both your fitness and swing plan can set you up to not only be healthier, but to have better golf results.


Yes, we’re talking about practice. If you don’t take what you have been learning and actually WORK on your game, expecting results that are anything different is just not realistic. This does not mean going to a range and beating as many balls as possible. Have a purpose to your actions. With your coach, set out what you are trying to accomplish in each practice session. Follow the plan and measure your progress. You’ll leave the range more satisfied and achieving range goals can also boost your confidence when you hit the first tee.


There is no better time to start your plan for improvement than right now.


– Scott MacLeod, Associate Publisher & PGA of Canada Class A Professional 

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