Good Footwork; Take It To The Bank

The Bank

One thing you will find in common with the best golfers in the world is great footwork. While it does not guarantee perfect results from your golf swing, for the most part it will give you a good head start to success.

Once issue we often see on the lesson tee are players who do not move their pelvis in a way that will enhance their power and ball striking ability. A common issue is seeing players thrust their hips forward in the downswing, leading to heel-side contact with the golf ball or even out to in swing-paths that can lead to slicing shot patterns. Their footwork will often indicate how their pelvis moves.

To solve this, I like to see players move their trail foot (right foot for right handed players) move toward the target in the downswing in a banking type pattern versus spinning out on the toe. This leads to a better pelvis movement, a club face that stays more in line with the golf ball, and a more neutral to in/out path.

To work on it, set up for a shot, and place a golf ball on a tee just inside the heel of your trail foot. In the downswing we want to initially move our foot laterally slightly as the pelvis shifts towards the target and begins to rotate, enough to pop the ball off the tee.

If you can do so, you’ll find that your trail foot “banks” toward the target, leading to better ball striking.