Golf Instruction: Take This Winter As An Opportunity To Trust The Process

w/ Nolan Walsh, PGA of Canada Head Professional, Timber Ridge GC

As Canadian golfers, the summer is what we live for. Playing as much golf as we possibly can while the weather cooperates. Taking pride in lowering our handicap. The endless pursuit of that elusive first round in the ’80s, ’70s, or ’60s. The summer is when we thrive.

But what about the winter? It used to be that we would all hang up the clubs for the winter and hunker down, waiting for warmer days, or we would swap out our golf clubs in favour of our hockey equipment and wait patiently for next season – but times are changing. In the past few years, it has become increasingly common for our local clubs to have invested in an indoor golf space that allows us to continue the golf grind through the winter. And every year, more and more of us are taking advantage of it. Sure, the chance to hit balls through the winter and play Pebble Beach, even in a virtual setting, is a bonus. But are we truly taking advantage of the opportunity that the “off-season” is affording us?

How many of us have taken lessons throughout the summer and then abandoned the “process” after realizing that it wasn’t going to be an easy path to betterment? Taking a couple of steps backward in an effort to improve in the long-run can be a difficult thing to accept in the heat of the season. Throughout the summer, we get caught up in the result and forget the process. 

The winter is the perfect time to reverse this mindset. Sure, play Pebble Beach with your buddies when the opportunity arises, but remember that the winter should be your opportunity to make the changes that you were too impatient to make throughout the summer. Find out what was costing you strokes and address it. Did you struggle with distance control last season? Find a Trackman game that focuses on dialing in yardages. Do you struggle with getting too steep? Find a drill/aid that forces you to shallow out. No matter your ailment, winter is the perfect time to address it. 

Nobody is going to remember or care whether you shot 65 or 95 in your last round of sim golf, and you shouldn’t either. But trust me, use the winter wisely and the results will be on full display in the spring. 

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