Golf Instruction: Time Your Training For Optimal Results

w/ Scott MacLeod, PGA of Canada Class A Professional 

The Canadian golf season but not always be as long as you like but that does not mean you should not be looking to improve your skills and techniques all year-long.

As a golf coach and instructor a continuing issue I often see for golfers who take part in an intense golf season where they play a lot of rounds or competitions, is trying to acquire skills during that same period. It can lead to confusion during playing time, poor results, and random decisions about making swing or technique changes.

For golfers looking to compete (or have high expectations of their play during a key time of the year) it is important to work Periodization in your Yearly Plan. Developing your golf game should be a year-round pursuit (if you have the interest) as the “off-season” provides a valuable period that should be utilized for optimal results.

In Canada, most players will find that after a suitable Recovery Period (October), the winter (November-April) is the perfect time to do Physical Development and consolidate Technical Skills in a General Preparation Phase, followed by a Specific Preparation Phase to add advanced skills so you are ready for the next cycle of play.

The point is to be aware that you need to think about developing your game now, as the weather becomes less attractive for outdoor golf, and when extra time away from regular play is available. Once the winter passes you can then head into Pre-Competition and Competition Periods of the year.

Yes, give your game a little break after the golf season but if you want to be ready or get ahead for next year, the time to start working with your golf coach is NOW, not next April when you are preparing to play and compete. Do the work now and when they season comes you will be ready to execute your new skills and score well without the confusion of learning at the same time.

Meet with your coach, build a plan, and get started on really taking your game to the next level.

Periodization Example – Golf Canada