Golf Science Lab Podcast – The Essentials of Launch Monitors

Launch monitors help us more accurately measure the way we deliver the golf club to the ball. (TrackMan screen capture)

Pro or against, there is a lot of discussion about Launch Monitors in golf these days.

I have found that many people who have issues with the devices are usually the ones that know the least about them. Basically, they misunderstand what they do.

As I tell people, they are just a tool, not a magic box. A coach still has to be able to interpret the information to use it effectively with a student.

So what do you need to know about Launch Monitors? The Golf Science Lab has you covered with their latest Podcast about just that subject. Host Cordie Walker covers many aspects of the subject.

Have a listen and you’ll likely be left with a much better understanding of what these modern tools are all about.

For more on the topic you can also visit their webpage at this link.



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