Instruction: Stick To Your Flaws – How To Improve Your Downswing

W/Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Class A Professional, Kevin Haime Golf Centre

So many newer golfers I work with struggle with getting into a powerful and athletic impact position. Better players “post up” or drive to the target so much better than new golfers. Generally, they are in a lot better top of backswing position so it’s a much easier to start their downswing like you’re supposed to, by moving laterally onto your lead foot. As a matter of reference, Tour Pros hit a ball with 80 % of their weight on their lead leg as their lower body clears and their club slams into the ball. If you need to work on your move into a proper impact position, try this drill.

Just plant an alignment stick just outside your lead foot then work on “bumping” over to the stick with your lead leg and hip. Start with small backswings and just keep bumping over to your Stick. If you can master this move, you’ll start hitting the ball a lot better.

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