Instruction: Understanding Impact – Dynamic Loft

Dynamic Loft (via Trackman)

The Golf Education Series – Growing Your Golf Knowledge

w/ Scott MacLeod, PGA of Canada Class A Professional 

Many golfers struggle with controlling the trajectory of their golf shots (as well as spin rate and how much power they efficiently deliver from the clubhead to the golf ball). The common thought is to take into consideration the loft of the club they are using based on club specifications, but the static loft of a golf club is just a starting point.

The golf swing is a dynamic motion, meaning that the loft a manufacturer states for a golf club as it is made is rarely the loft that is presented at impact with the golf ball. That is what really matters.

Loft is the vertical angle of the clubface. To transition that to being “dynamic loft” it becomes the same measurement, but as the golf club collides/or is delivered to the ball (various launch monitor systems measure at different points).

The angle at which the golf swings up/down at the ball, how the shaft bends, how the golfer releases the golf club head (creating shaft lean forward or backwards), the point on the face where the clubhead makes contact with the ball, and whether the club face is open or closed all can play into the equation that creates the dynamic loft measurement. All those factors will affect what you see with your resulting ball flight.

Many average golfers deliver a club face with too much dynamic loft, creating weaker shots that do not optimize carry or have consistent outcomes. Changes in loft also affect the spin rate that occurs with the golf ball. They can also have too little dynamic loft (especially in a driver) due to swing or club fitting flaws that keep them from maximizing carry distance.

Good players tend to be more consistent in the dynamic loft they present to the golf ball, leading to more energy being transferred to a golf ball and a more efficient strike.

Golfers should address optimizing their dynamic loft with their golf coach.

When getting fitted for golf clubs and doing club comparisons, dynamic loft should also be considered to provide parity in making choices.

So, be concerned with the loft of your golf club as it is made but be more concerned about how it plays into what loft is presented at impact. That is what really matters to your golf ball, and your ball flight.



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