Make More Putts … And It Will Only Cost You A Dime

with/ Nolan Walsh, PGA of Canada, Head Professional, Timber Ridge G&CC

For most of us, we have spent a LOT more time at home over the last year and a half … and if you’re anything like me, it has meant a LOT more time spent putting in my living room. That said, I thought it would be fitting to provide all of you with a very simple putting drill that you can do at home that will have a hugely positive effect on your game for when spring and golf rolls around again.

One of the most consistent issues that I see with my students when it comes to putting (my own putting included) is the constant desire to see where the ball is going as soon as it leaves your putter face. While this habit is completely understandable, it is often detrimental to your putting and your desired goal of seeing the ball go in the hole. More often than not, your head moving at impact in an effort to watch the ball start rolling will cause you to inadvertently change the face angle of your putter through impact and cause you to either push or pull your putt off target. This habit becomes particularly apparent with most players on short putts (unfortunately, again, myself included), when the desire to immediately see if the ball is tracking towards the hole can be overwhelming. 

When you’re practicing at home (or at the course), try putting a dime behind your golf ball. As you hit the putt, force yourself to continue looking at the dime until well after impact.

The idea of using the dime might seem silly (as you’re likely wondering why you can’t just stare at the ground), but having something physical on the ground will serve as a constant reminder to keep your head and eyes still through impact, with the idea being that if you practice with the dime enough, the habit will be ingrained and your head will remain still on the golf course.

Give it a try and you’ll be sinking more putts in no time!

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