Stick It To Your Flaws – Don’t Scoop Your Chips

w/ Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Class A Professional, Kevin Haime Golf Centre 

If you struggle with chip shots by scooping them or hitting them thin and screaming across the green, try this simple little drill with an alignment stick.

Simply place an alignment stick two inches behind the ball, then set up to hit your chip shot.

The secret to hitting nice spinning chip shots is to swing the club up then down into the ball. Placing the stick behind the ball will encourage you to swing more up and down into the ball properly.

For great chip shots place your weight on your front foot and leave it there during the shot. Set your hands about 4 inches in front of the ball then just work on a crisp putting type stroke keeping your hands forward to maintain your starting position shaft angle through impact.

(This tip is part of a feature that appeared in the July/August print issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine. We will share more of the tips in future posts.)

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