Stick It To Your Flaws: Stay In Posture On Your Backswing

w/Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Class A Professional, Kevin Haime Golf Centre

This is another of my favourite alignment stick drills.

Just use a couple of elastics around your upper arms to attach a stick across your arms.

It’s really important to do two things as you swing the club away from the ball.

First, you need to turn your chest as you start to swing your arms up to keep the club in front of your chest and to maintain swing width. Second, you need to make sure that you stay in posture, so your club will swing up over your back shoulder properly.

Hitting shots with an alignment stick attached to your arms will really help you understand how to turn your body in posture properly.

A Poor Takeaway

In this photo you can really see what happens if you don’t turn your chest as you swing your club back. Notice how low and bent my right arm is and how high my left shoulder looks. It’s really hard to hit good shots from this position.

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