Stick It To Your Flaws: Stay In Synch

w/Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Class A Professional, Kevin Haime Golf Centre

This is a drill I use with my own swing all the time.

To hit great shots, your arms should stay in front of your chest through the entire swing.

Sometimes I find that my legs and hips outrace my arms on my downswing, especially with longer irons and my driver.

To fix this timing and position issue, I simply slide an alignment stick through my 2 front belt loops and then hit shots.

Slip the alignment stock through your belt loops at address (Photo: Scott MacLeod, Flagstick.com)

It’s amazing how quickly this aid helps me synch my body turn with my arm swing. The stick also helps me with my midsection alignment and shows me how much and when my hips are turning. Give it a try if you hook the ball or think that your legs are moving forward too quickly or too much.

(This tip is part of a feature that appeared in the July/August print issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine. We will share more of the tips in future posts.)

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