Go For The Stick Podcast: Road Trip P.E.I. – Day One

Glasgow Hills Golf Course

Flagstick.com Publisher Jeff Bauder and Associate Publisher Scott MacLeod are in Prince Edward Island this week for their annual golf Road Trip. It’s a trip that has taken them to various countries and destinations over nearly two decades but this visit to P.E.I. is a first. The duo are sitting down each evening to share their thoughts on each day, the golf courses they are playing, the places they are staying, and even the food they are eating.

For Day One they discuss the ease of travel to P.E.I, who you might meet during a stay, the nuances of Glasgow Hills Golf Club, and their first impressions of the refurbished Mill River Golf Resort.

Please enjoy their chat and come back to listen to further episodes from one of Canada’s favourite tourist destinations.

Go For The Stick Podcast – Road Trip P.E.I. Day One

Welcome to P.E.I. and hello Lorie Kane!
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