Of Conversations and Bumper Stickers

A lot goes on as you cover 1000 kilometres in the confined spaces of a vehicle.  As anybody who has ever taken a golf road trip will tell you, you never know what to expect during the duration of such a journey.

For Flagstick Golf Publisher Jeff Bauder and I, it is a familiar experience.  Each year since 2000 we have taken the time to enjoy a trip of this kind.  This year we are taking on a sampling of private clubs that are part of the McConnell Trail with a couple extra stops worked in over ten days.  The McConnell courses, located in both North Carolina and South Carolina, are accessible to the general public via a series of packages that are offered for those on a trip just like ours.

Today we left Ontario and in proper “road trip” fashion, we spent 9.5 hours running the roads in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virgina, and ultimately, Virginia, where I am tapping out this update tonight.

Sure, we could have flew to our destination but sharing the journey is about more than just travel – with life so busy how often do you get to spend days on end driving around with one of your best friends?  Many topics were covered today – work, golf (of course), family, friends, and a constant flow of laughter over many things including notable bumper stickers (I’ll save details for another post).

If you have never take a real golf road trip – I suggest you give it a try.

We are off to Raleigh tomorrow for a round at the Raleigh Country Club.  It will be the first of ten golf courses we play over the next nine days.  From Raleigh we will move on to the Sandhills region, then to Fayetteville before heading west, closer to Charlotte.

The great part of these excursions is that in the end the thing that matters the least is always the score.

Those numbers fade with time but the memories of these trips never do.

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