Golf Travel: The Lure Of Kelowna

Kelowna. British Columbia
Kelowna. British Columbia
Kelowna. British Columbia

Just  couple months after he left office as the Premier of British Columbia I met Bill Bennett. It was late 1986. He was returning home to Kelowna and I was part of a band of young high school dreamers headed for the provincial boys’ volleyball championship.

We had nothing in common, of course, but the words he shared with us that day were filled with praise for the town he was born in, and died in just last year.

It’s too long ago to recall the exact wording but I know his message to us was about beauty of the South Okanagan and how we would enjoy ourselves.

We did (despite finishing dead last at the tournament), and the introduction by none other than one of the most revered people to ever lead Canada’s western-most province never left me.

Life, of course, gets in the way of the best intentions sometimes. Although my curiosity was piqued by my visit, especially the stunning views of Lake Okanagan from downtown, I never managed to make a return. I flew over it, drove around, but never walked its streets again.

Until this week.

Today I sit in the Ottawa airport with a three decade quest about to be fulfilled.

As a 16 year-old my passion was golf. Food of any considerable quality, and certainly wine, were not on my radar, but they are now. So delving into this triad of joys this week in the B.C. interior should be enlightening.

A big thank you to the team @ www.tourismkelowna.com for the arrangements.

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/ Scott MacLeod @Flagstick