Jean Stone-Seguin – A Champion For The Game

Jean-Stone Seguin (Photo: Joe McLean)

Jean Stone-Seguin is a member of the Camelot Golf & Country Club in Cumberland, Ontario. Giving back to the game of golf, Jean is active at golf tournaments as a level 4 rules official and she has been active administratively both within her club and outside with various golf organizations.

Golf Canada recently appointed Jean to the position of Tournament Chair for the 2017 CP Women’s Open being held at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club from August 21 – 27.

Flagstick Golf Magazine caught up with Jean at the Media Day for the CP Women’s Open.

FGM: What does it mean to you to be named as the Tournament Chair for the 2017 CP Women’s Open at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club?

JSS: When I received the phone call requesting my involvement, I was thrilled; it was quite an honour to have Brent McLaughlin, Tournament Director, ask me if I was interested. I obviously consider it an incredible honour, given the fact that it is Canada’s 150th and it’s in Ottawa.

FGM: What are your duties in your role as Tournament Chair?

JSS: In terms of my capacity as Tournament Chair, my job is easy because it’s the volunteer Host Tournament Chair, Lori White, that’s doing an incredible job. She has worked tirelessly in ensuring the appropriate numbers of volunteers are in place. Lori and her incredible team at the Hunt Club have made a significant contribution to the CP Women’s Open.

I’ll represent Golf Canada in the best way I can. I will also be a rules official on the course during the tournament. An important part of my role will be to encourage people to be in attendance in the Ottawa region and to get people to support CHEO, the charity beneficiary of this year’s tournament.

FGM: Where are you finding the time to add this job to your busy schedule, as I well know all the time you put in with the OVGA (Ottawa Valley Golf Association), Golf Quebec, Golf Ontario and Golf Canada in your capacity as a Level 4 Rules Official?

JSS: Well, fortunately, most of what I do is connected to growing the game of golf. It means that I’m not playing as much golf this year; however, my duties and responsibilities allow me the opportunity to watch a fair amount of great golf! I would love to say that it means my golf game will improve; but, golf doesn’t always work out that way.

FGM: Where did this sense of involvement in the golf community come from?

JSS: When I retired, I wanted to give back to the community. Initially, I volunteered my time with Ronald McDonald House on their Board because as a past high school teacher and with my husband being a physician, I wanted that medical/child connection. I got involved in golf through a couple of very important people in my life. First, there was Gayle Faulkner, whom you know well, and who interested me in getting involved before the women amalgamated with the OVGA. I was also encouraged by Dean Ryan to move on as President of that organization. It meant a great deal that folks like these had confidence in me and the fact that I had the opportunity to work with such amazing people.

FGM: When did you begin playing golf?

JSS: I was a late bloomer and I continue to be a late bloomer. I didn’t really start playing golf seriously until I joined Camelot twenty-five years ago. It is one of the reasons for getting involved with the rules of golf, as I don’t think I’ll ever become a golfer of any distinction.

FGM: But you do get your share of golf in the winter months?

JSS: I have an identical twin sister living close to San Diego and I spend some time down there during the winter.  On occasion, opportunities are also available for golf in Europe through my position as Golf Canada’s Amateur Status Chair.

FGM: What is your message to golfers in the Ottawa area who would like to attend the 2017 CP Women’s Open at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club?

JSS: To encourage and grow the game of golf, children under the age of 17 are invited to attend the CP Women’s CP Open free of charge throughout the tournament. We invite youngsters to experience the tournament the way Brooke Henderson did when she was younger. Tournament passes can also be purchased through www.CPWomensOpen.com.

FGM: So, life is good?

JSS: Life is so very good and I look forward to welcoming all to the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club for the CP Women’s Open Championship.

Jean Stone-Seguin’s Contributions to the Game of Golf

2006 – 2007 / Vice President – RCGA Women’s Division – Ottawa District

2008 / President – RCGA Women’s Division – Ottawa District

2009 / Past President – RCGA Women’s Division – Ottawa District on the Amalgamated Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) Board

2009 – 2010 / President Camelot Golf & Country Club

2010 – 2011 President OVGA

2012 – 2013 / Past President OVGA

2012 – Present / Member of Golf Canada’s Rules Committee

2016 – Present / Chair of Golf Canada’s Amateur Status Committee

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