Lise Jubinville

Lisa Jubinville accepts the plaque for winning the 2012 OVGA Tournament of Champions

Chasing the Elusive Perfect Game

Lisa Jubinville accepts the plaque for winning the 2012 OVGA Tournament of Champions
Lisa Jubinville accepts the plaque for winning the 2012 OVGA Tournament of Champions

“My parents provided the biggest influence on my golf career. They signed me up for junior golf at a time when that was uncommon and made family golf outings part of our summer vacations.”

If her parents hadn’t got Lise Jubinville involved with golf when she was seven or eight years of age, one has to wonder if success in golf would have followed. Even though she didn’t stick with the game, it was always there as a social activity and blossomed when she moved to Ottawa to take a job with Softball Canada.

Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lise played as many sports as possible with her mainstay during her life being softball. At the University of Manitoba, she played on the club team in ice hockey. She also competed with local club teams in ringette, broomball and softball.

Lise is now the Manager of Coaching and Long-Term Player Development Services with Softball Canada. In this position, she focuses on the implementation of long- term player development principles to ensure that the members and coaches of Softball Canada have the updated materials and information they need to enhance the development of their players.

Softball has been good to Lise Jubinville. She spent a semester at Georgia State University on a softball scholarship, but found it wasn’t the right environment for her. She also has a healthy resume from her playing career in softball in Manitoba including a Canadian championship with Winnipeg Lightning (1998), spots on the Junior and Senior National Teams (silver medal at the 1991 Pan Am Games in Cuba) and All Star recognition at the shortstop, second base and outfielder positions. Being in the right place as a summer student with Softball Manitoba led to her being able to fill the administrator position for a year and a half leading to the experience gained to make the application for her current position.

Lise has played on winning National Championship teams twice in Broomball. Her gold medals were with Storm from Manitoba (1996) and MacMillan Sand and Gravel from Pakenham, Ontario (2001). Lise also played ringette where she won a National Championship before moving to competitive hockey first with the University of Manitoba’s club team and then the University of Manitoba’s Alumni team who competed in several National Championships.

After moving to Ottawa to work for Softball Canada, Lise put out a few feelers to various sports associations to see what was available in the way of recreational sports. She wanted an outlet for her energy and a way to meet new friends in the Ottawa area. You would have to say that she has benefitted from her initiative. Broomball and hockey in the winter and golf in the summer became a way of life.  Although she has retired from playing softball and broomball, she still plays and manages the Ottawa Valkryies Women’s Hockey Team of the National Capital Women’s Hockey League (NCWHL) during the winter months.

But it is with the game of golf that Lise has had the most success. As she says, “It’s the only individual sport that I’ve ever played. Golf is fun but it also requires mental preparation and lots of practice. My goal is to play a perfect game of golf however elusive that might be.” As competitive as Lise is, she enjoys her time on the golf course with everyone, whether it is in a social or competitive setting.

Lise made her return to golf playing twice a week, one day of playing nine holes in a women’s league based at The Meadows G&CC and a second day of nine holes with a group of friends. The next year she organized her own nine & dine for a group of friends and has been addicted ever since. In 2003, she was the winner of a golf membership at the Canadian Golf & Country Club through the Ottawa Golf & Travel Show and was introduced to competitive golf. She moved over to the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club in 2005 and thoroughly enjoys her time spent at the golf club. “The fact that Carleton has so many great women players has only helped improve my game but what I really enjoy is the great social aspect that the club provides.”

She may be one of the better players at the club, but along the way she has also paid her dues. According to her Carleton club-mate and golf partner Brenda Pilon, “Lise is also one of the nicest and generous people you will ever meet and when she is not competing, she gives back to the game through her volunteer work at CGYC. On her own initiative, she instituted a Player Development Program for women who want to improve their competitive performance both at the club and at outside tournaments. She also organizes the annual CGYC Women’s Fun Golf Getaway weekend where she sets up two teams to compete against each other for bragging rights in a Solheim Cup format.  Lise also serves as a member of the CGYC Green Committee.”

Lise Jubinville has a golf resume that many would be proud to have. She is the current club champion at Carleton Golf & Yacht Club and she is also the 2012 Ottawa Valley Golf Association’s (OVGA) “A” Class Women’s Champion of Club Champions. Lise has won two OVGA City & District Championships (2005/2011); two OVGA Ladies Four Ball / Better Ball Championships with Brenda Pilon in 2006 and 2010; the 2003 Golf Quebec Mid-Index Championship; Four Ottawa Sun Scramble Championships (2007-09 & 2011) with Brenda Pilon; the Ottawa Citizen Amateur City Championship in 2010 as well as six Club Championships. Two of these were at the Canadian Golf & Country Club in 2003 and 2004 and the rest at Carleton Golf & Yacht Club in 2008 and 2010 through 2012.

Pilon made the following comments about her golf partner. “In golf, Lise also has a proven track record and is a tremendous amateur golfer, who is both physically and mentally strong. I consider myself extremely lucky to have her as my partner in team events such as the Sun Scramble and the OVGA 4BBB. Our success as a team is accented by how well we get along both on and off the golf course as well as our trust in each other that one of us will execute a much needed shot at a crucial time.  Her calm and laidback demeanor helps keep my emotions in check and brings out the best in my game allowing me to focus on the task at hand. Given her length off the tee, this usually means hitting a wedge into the green or sinking a putt. Her amateur golf record speaks for itself and whoever coined the phrase “nice gals finish last” obviously never met Lise Jubinville.”

Flagstick reached out to Rideau View’s Susan Pearl, one of the premiere golfers in the Ottawa area for a few words about her fellow-competitor. “My first head to head competition with Lise was at the final round of the 2005 Ottawa Citizen Amateur Championships. As I recall, I started the day with a 6 stroke lead, but Lise was on fire that day and very quickly we were tied.   She showed her stuff that day and has continued to raise the bar for all of us every year. Her ability to hit the golf ball a long distance is quite remarkable, but clearly the most impressive aspect of her game is her attitude.  She has a deep respect for the game of golf and for sport in general. She plays with a quiet assurance, accepts the ups and downs of the game with equanimity and is always encouraging to, and supportive of her fellow competitors.  I have always enjoyed playing with Lise.  She clearly is a role model to be emulated.”

When asked what was in the future for Lise Jubinville, she replied, “My goal is to play in more Provincial events and Canadian Championships at some point. I would like to test myself at a higher level to find out my limits and see whether I can compete at higher levels.”

These goals are a little hard for her to accomplish while she is still working and having limited holidays, but this writer believes that you’ll be hearing more about Lise Jubinville in upcoming years.

After all, that perfect game of golf is still out there.

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