Peter Zeran – Age Is Only A Number

Peter Zeran (Photo: Joe McLean)

There are many good golf stories in the golf community and we, at Flagstick Golf Magazine, enjoy hearing about them. So we were intrigued when we received the following e-mail from Bob Charlesbois.

The e-mail read – “We have a member at our golf club that has shot his age, or less, for 18 holes possibly 80 times in his lifetime. Remarkably, he has done it 9 times in his last 18 games. Checking world stats shows that only 9 golfers per 1 million will accomplish this feat once in their life. To do it 80+ times and counting is amazing.”

We were indeed intrigued and arranged to meet Peter Zeran at the golf facility he calls home, home Upper Canada Golf Course in Ingleside, Ontario. We found out that Peter has shot his age 82 times prior to the day we interviewed him, and he has the signed scorecards to prove it. Peter recorded a 75 on his scorecard in 2015 when he was 75 and since then has shot his age or lower another eighty-one times.

But it’s not just Peter’s golf game and his ability to shoot his age or better that’s the story. There is so much more to Peter Zeran and his interesting life.

Peter was born in 1936, about ten miles north of the Upper Canada Golf Course in Newington, Ontario. He and his wife Helen have two daughters (Sandra & Karen), four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Peter and his age-defying scorecards (Photo: Joe McLean)

FGM – Tell us a little about your life.

PZ – I left home at 17 and went sailing. I went sailing on the Great Lakes on cargo, grain and iron ore freighters. I started out as a deck-hand, then I went to watchman and then I took over the wheel. I sailed from Sept-Iles on the St. Lawrence River up to the Great Lakes and back.

I came home in 1958 and worked on the family farm. I got married in 1960 and my wife Helen and I took over the farm in 1961. In 1980 we sold the farm as we couldn’t keep up with the milking.

I then went to work for 20 years with what is now the Kriska Transportation Group in the garage, warehouse and driving trucks. I retired in 2000 when I turned 65.

Twenty years later, I’m still active as a starter and a marshal at Upper Canada Golf Course.

FGM – When did you start playing golf?

PZ – I started to play golf in 1958 when I came home from the boats. My two brothers and I used to play after we milked the cows in the morning. We used to play the nine-hole course in Morrisburg. We had to milk the cows again after we got home. We put in a full day.

FGM – Tell our readers a about your game.

PZ – There’s not too much to tell. I have a handicap of 10 off the red tees at Upper Canada where I play most of my golf. Our group of seniors play off those tees with the course measuring 6,000 yards and a par of 72. I was the club champion here once and I parred the course once when I was 69.

I just love to play the game and I like competition. That’s what gets me going. I have a regular group of around 16 players and we play different competitions each time out. We play Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It depends on my shift so I switch with other starters, so I can get my games in. Our golf games are an excuse to socialize and on Thursdays I’ve played with the same guys for at least 25 years.

I love to play in all the OVGA (Ottawa Valley Golf Association) Intersectional rounds and I have three holes-in-one, one at Upper Canada, one at Morrisburg, and the other in Potsdam, New York.

FGM – What do your friends think about you shooting your age or better on a regular basis?

PZ – They ask me every time I come in and before you ask, I didn’t shoot my age today.

FGM – Does your wife play golf?

PZ – Helen is a member at Morrisburg and plays Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. We don’t have that many ladies at Upper Canada and the course is too long for her. We don’t play in any mixed events. We used to play a lot together and we had twelve people and we used to go over to Loon Lake in the United States. We went there for years until they closed the course.

FGM – What do you treasure the most about the game of golf and the games you’ve played?

PZ – I think about the shots I’ve missed. I like to try different things and I’ve had two sets of clubs in my life and I’m playing now with a set of TaylorMade’s.

FGM – Are you active in any other sports?

PZ – I curl out of Morrisburg during the winter with a different group of guys.

FGM – How is your health?

PZ – My health is good. About 8 years ago I had a stroke and my daughter took me to the Ottawa Civic Hospital for a week and since then I’ve had no problems.

So again, we thank Bob Charlesbois for introducing us to his friend Peter Zeran. Peter has had an interesting life and certainly can claim a measure of fame in golf for shooting his age or better eighty-two times as of now.

Who knows how many low scores are in the offing for Peter, but it really doesn’t matter as he is more interested in the game and socializing with his friends.

Well done Peter.



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