Less Than a 3 Wood Away – No Real Drive Time to Account for Playing in Santee

Santee National, #1

“We take it for granted but our visiting golfers love it and can’t get over that they can get just about anything they need in about 5 minutes, no matter where they are in Santee,” explains Penny, a charming young lady behind the counter at Lake Marion Golf Club. “Everything is less than a 3 Wood away!” she chuckles.

I could not help but overhear Penny as she was answering a few directional questions for one of the 1st time golf groups to Santee.

“Just out our driveway to the main road turn left and it is right there – about a minute.”

“Groceries, right across from where you get your wine you will see the grocery store. Of course you could get your wine at the grocery store too but the Santee Fine Wine Shop has a much better selection.”

“Your round tomorrow is at Santee National. When you go out our drive to the main road, turn right over the bridge of I-95 and it is less than a mile down the road, you will see it on the left.”

So Santee’s newest group of golfers is out the door on their way to pick up a few necessities for their villas and all indications is that they will be back for a quick 9 before sunset. Why, because their Villas are right here off the first fairway.

…And that is pretty much what it is like for golfers visiting Santee. There is a trifecta of very well-manicured golf courses; Lake Marion, Santee Cooper Country Club and Santee National are all within a mile of each other and wherever you are staying in Town.

And More Golf…

Of course golf packages in the Santee area do offer up many other options for courses to play. There are 4 on the north side of Lake Marion with the cream of the crop being the Tom Jackson designed Wyboo Golf Club.

This selection of courses is approximately 20 -25 minutes from Santee and if you want to venture out about 45 minutes you have another 10 or so to add to your selection. Some of these other courses will take you out as a far as Orangeburg and Summerville, a suburb of Charleston. The drive to play Orangeburg Country Club may be the most worthwhile drive that you make!

To get around Town after golf, walking is certainly an option although having a vehicle is certainly convenient especially if you want to get out and explore the State Park on Lake Marion, also just down the road from Santee National, 2-3 miles from Town.

Southern Living Magazine in an article “The South’s Best Swimming Holes and Waterfalls” recently referred to Lake Marion as an “inland sea” as it spreads for 17 square miles over 5 counties. Lake Marion and the State Park is an ideal place to go for a swim, take a dive, water ski, kayak, canoe or take one of the lake tours offered. Lake Marion is best known for is its fishing.  Many State records for catfish and bass are held out of this lake as well as the odd world record – a fisherman’s paradise.

Santee offers up a nice selection of accommodation styles, and to the many returning visitors who have had difficulty securing condos at Lake Marion, you will be pleased to know that 10 new Townhomes are now available bringing the total to 34 and all adjacent to the fairways of Lake Marion. In addition, a new Hospitality Clubhouse is available for groups of 16-32.  The Clubhouse is complete with kitchen and flat screen TV, an expansive scoreboard, and can accommodate up to 48 people. The Villas and Townhouses now also have a pool within the complex to cool off in after golf.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is alive and well in Santee – one of the best bargains ever was on my last visit this past June at Key Largo offering up margaritas for $1.99 and a selection of beers for just a BUCK! I have to say that the food is pretty good here too; All served by the lovely Marsha!

Pedro’s has certainly caught the attention of visitors to the area with its 2 for 1 happy hour. Giant margaritas, flavourgazmic menu selections, some of the yummiest nacho chips, and more kinds of salsas than one could ask for. There is also Captains Quarters with its selection of steak and seafood – grouper is a favorite here!  Clarks Inn and Restaurant, the oldest business in Town, was singled out by Southern Living as one of the best places for a Pit Stop on I-95. A martini in the English Style pub is generally my first stop at Clark’s then on to the restaurant where the decision is always the Rib Eye steak or Fried Chicken which is as good as you will find anywhere in the south. That would be after my Blue Cheese Cranberry Salad – yum-yum.

Wilbur’s Cocktails and Supper Club is the new place that has taken the town by storm.  A great selection of fine eats and leading the way are steaks and some of the biggest pork chops you will find. Great selection of wine to boot! For lunch or dinner The Thai House offers up a different flair with its Asian offering which includes sushi.

You can see why, when golfers get here, they can just relax and play golf. No traffic worries, no missing or being late for tee times or worrying about how many cocktails one might have after golf.  You can walk if need be. It is all just a 3 wood away.

You will be amazed with some of the Fall Stay and Play offers by our in town Golf Packagers.

Town of Santee: www.santeetourism.com

Golf Santee: http://golfsantee.com

Clarks Inn: www.clarksgolfpackages.com

Santee Cooper Resorts: http://santeecoopergolf.com 

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