The Marshes Winter Golf Academy Program Returns

The Marshes Indoor Golf Academy features a Trackman 4 Simulator

A lot of Canadian golf clubs take on having a winter indoor golf school, but how about a state of the art, climate-controlled golf performance centre that you can use all year-long? That is what is available at The Marshes Golf Club in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario. It debuted last January and is ready to welcome golfers again this off-season.

For the third winter, and second in this space, Head Professional Derek MacDonald (the 2018 PGA of Canada – Ottawa Zone Junior Leader of the Year), has created a Winter Golf Academy Program. This year’s program will run from December 3, 2019 until March 29, 2020.

Last Winter golfers flocked to practice and improve their golf skills inside the award-winning clubhouse at the Robert Trent Jones designed golf club. Registration is now open, and the response has been rapid, so those who want to take advantage should act quickly.

The academy can be found on the lower level of the clubhouse, just around from the pro shop, locker room, and Jones lounge, and it is a wonderland for golfers.

“We’ve made a significant investment, so we can provide an experience that has never been offered in the area,” shares MacDonald, known as one of the most progressive teachers in the region. “We’ve committed to adding tools that will help golfers achieve true improvements.”

Inside the Academy space golfers will find a state-of-the-art TrackMan simulator available for rental and for lesson use when it is open. 

“With the Trackman Simulator we are able to sell green fees every day to allow people to have another option to play golf indoors. It is also a tool we can use for teaching outside of those times,” says the pro.

To complement the simulator there are two other teaching bays that also feature Trackman Doppler radar technology for measurement of the club and ball data.

Of course, the use of launch monitors is just a start in this golf improvement playground. Here you will also find a BodiTrak Pressure mat, a S.A.M. Putt Lab, 3D Motion Capture, V1 High Speed Video and a myriad of other tools players can use with the PGA of Canada coaching team to advance their skills. They are also the first club in Canada to feature a Putting Perfection Platform for working on putts of varied slope and speed.

A Perfect Putting Platform and S.A.M. Putt Lab are just two of the features at The Marshes Indoor Academy

“I truly feel that what we offer here, when you consider all the features, is truly above what you can currently find elsewhere in the area. Everything that we offer at The Marshes is all measurable data and information. There is no more guesswork involved. We’re not just hitting balls into a net and using some video to guess what is happening in the swing. In everything we do we are getting real, quantifiable data. So, we know based on bio-mechanics of the body movement, the movement of the club and the ball itself, what would be going on with the golf ball flight if we were hitting outdoors.”

The enhanced set-up in a doubling of the membership numbers for the golf school last year but the quantity available is restricted for the benefit of the users. The team want their members to get as much access as they need.

Two membership packages were offered, a base one and another providing extended coaching options. The TrackMan simulator is also available for hourly rentals for the general public.

One thing that all users will enjoy is the extra amenities in the nearby Jones lounge. It offers a full bar, up to seven televisions, and a pool table. Golfers will have no problem filling up their time before and after training and playing.

Of course, the training facility will be of benefit in the winter, but it is meant to be used year-round as well. With a permanent location inside the clubhouse it has proved useful throughout the annual calendar.

“I know any golfer will love what we have done here at The Marshes,” adds MacDonald. “I encourage them to stop by to have a look. I know they will be impressed.”

For more information including rates, hours, and amenities, check out their website at this link.

*This Advertorial Profile was Sponsored by and produced for The Marshes Golf Club