Ultimate Golf Box – Cool Gear Delivered To Your Door.

Now this is pretty cool…  We’ve worked hard with golf’s top brands to find unique, exciting, hot and premium products that Canadian golfers will love.  We’ve bundled these products into our “Ultimate Golf Box” collections, offering 3 key price points…to fit your needs.

…and we are going to ship these amazing products to your door monthly! 

When you hear that “knock” at your door and open your Ultimate Golf Box, we guarantee you are going to love the gear inside!  Our commitment is to provide you with unique products every month including balls, gloves, apparel, gifts, footwear, clubs, socks, tools and gizmos – and much more!  You will be surprised and delighted by the sheer variety and quality of the the products included in your box!

We are excited to provide options for both men and ladies!  And when you subscribe, you simply need to answer a quick questionnaire to provide us with your size, hand, shaft flex, shoe size, etc. because each month the box is customized to you.  You can learn more about Ultimate Golf Box at ultimategolfbox.com

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