Book Look: Your Short Game Solution

October 22, 2020

Your Short Game Solution – Mastering The Finesse Game From 120 Yards And In. Author: James Sieckmann. 171 Pages – Penguin Random House Long a fixture on the professional tours as a short game coach, […]

Product Watch (Book): Scotland, Home of Golf

October 13, 2020

For those intrigued by, or already enamoured with, Scottish Links golf courses, a new volume highlights fourteen of them in a vibrant way. “Scotland, Home of Golf”, showcases traditional and modern classics from the land […]

The Bookshelf: To The Linksland

April 20, 2020

Many fans of golf have become familiar with writer Michael Bamberger through his work with Golf.com, Sports Illustrated, and his latest novel on Tiger Woods, but dig back almost three decades and you’ll find some […]

Book Preview: The Lost Golf Courses of Toronto

March 15, 2019

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has a long and storied golf history and new volume by Scott Burk with Joanne Doucette explores that past. “The Lost Golf Course of Toronto; How the Game Shaped a City […]