Good Footwork; Take It To The Bank

June 27, 2021

One thing you will find in common with the best golfers in the world is great footwork. While it does not guarantee perfect results from your golf swing, for the most part it will give …[More]

Improve Your Pitch Shots

July 3, 2018

Kevin Haime, the 2000 PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year, shows you the common mistakes in hitting pitch shots and how you can improve.    

The Fundamentals of Chipping

February 27, 2018

with/ Nolan Walsh, PGA of Canada, Candidate for Membership Teaching Professional, Loyalist Golf & Country Club It is all too common to see players struggle so severely with chipping that it ruins their entire day. Taking two …[More]

Get A Grip On Your Golf Game

December 3, 2016

Arnold Palmer’s passing this year was sad to all of us. Arnie was, and always will be, the King to all golfers. Through TV he literally colourized a game and brought it to the masses. …[More]