Video Tip: Grooving Your Draw Swing

November 8, 2020

w/ Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Member Here’s another great drill to help you hit better tee shots. This is my favourite anti-slice drill for better drives. Simply pull your trailing foot back to encourage …[More]

Stay Connected and Play Better

May 26, 2020

w/ Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Like all of you, I’ve had a lot of extra time over the last few weeks to catch up on some reading. So, I took the opportunity to revisit …[More]

A TOP 10 List For Better Sand Shots

January 14, 2020

with Kevin Haime, PGA of Canada Class A Professional The most misunderstood shot in golf has to be the sand shot. Most average golfers have very little idea about to hit the shot. If I …[More]

Instruction: Shaft Plane – The Cone of Success

June 26, 2019

Wondering about shaft plane in your backswing? PGA of Canada professional Kevin Haime breaks down his thoughts on the topic in his latest instruction article for Flagstick Golf Magazine and a video for Flagstick.com.

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