2014 Should Be Tremendous

After 11 hours of much needed sleep last night I am finally coherent enough to tap the keyboard a little.

It’s been quite the last few days. On Saturday Jeff and I reacquainted ourselves with Pinehurst #8. It truly is a Fazio beauty. We were joined by a couple enthusiastic lads from Boston who proved to be a lot of fun to play with. Seeing them get a glance at the course for the 1st time was fun and we got to exchange thoughts about #2; it’s always interesting to hear other golfers opinions.

Immediately after the round we headed for Concord, just north of Charlotte. We arrived early for the NASCAR Bank of America 500 but it was necessary as the crowds were thick and wild. Thanks to some last minute contacts we had a comfortable place to watch the entire race. The race that yes, finished at about midnight. It then took us more than an hour to get out of the parking lot (it can take up to 3 hours sometimes we were told by John Mills of the local CVB).

The late finish added to a lengthy drive ensured that we did not get back to Pinehurst Resort until 2:30 a.m. and to bed by 3. The 6 a.m. wake up call was a startling one but when you know you are getting to play one of the best courses in the world, Pinehurst #2, you get moving in a hurry.

I treated Jeff to a caddy for his upcoming birthday and Jack proved to be invaluable, especially in reading the Ross greens.

All I can really say about #2 is that it was even a greater pleasure to play it a second time and start to see even more nuances than I did the first time. And playing it on a Sunday with the “Payne Stewart pin” cut on hole #18 made it rather emotional. Each of us in our group (we were joined by Mark and David – a father and son) were quite aware that is was just a week short of the 10th anniversary of Payne’s untimely death.

I’ll have lots more to say about #2 in our full travel feature but one thing I will declare is that the back-to-back US Men’s and Women’s Open Championships on #2 will be nothing but exceptional. There are some great plans already in place for those weeks.

We vacated the Pinehurst Resort and resettled just up the road at Little River Resort yesterday. This Dan Maples course sports quite the back nine and the on-site villas and perfect for the foursome looking to do a big golf getaway.

We have two courses to face tomorrow before heading for Chapel Hill for the next 2 nights. Anderson Creek and Lonnie Poole are the tests for us tomorrow.

That should be a lot of swings…I hope I’ll have a little energy left to share some more about our trip after the last putt drops.

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