2021 Ottawa Sun Scramble Champions Declared

The finals for all the entire slate of Ottawa Sun Scramble events were conducted over the last week with a multitude of champions declared across a wide variety of divisions. The finals for the last seven divisions played out on Sunday, August 29th.

You complete list of 2021 winners and top finishers with images by Club EG (the event operators) photographers Ed Hodgins and Al Latourneau.


Joel Michaud/Brad Kerfoot (PGA)
1Brad Kerfoot (PGA)/Joel Michaud-12
T2Brennan Smith/Matt Hortin-10
T2Ryan Hale/John Crupi-10

Kevin Haime Junior Open

Hudson Turcotte/Ryan Ladouceur
1Hudson Turcotte/Ryan Ladouceur-12
2Jayden Proulx/Ben Anderson-7
T3Cedric Hughes/Colin Leclerc-6
T3Sam Empey/Kyle Dagg-6

TMSI Senior Open

Dale Watts/Kevin Byrd
1Dale Watts/Kevin Byrd-15
2Peter Gilder/Steve Martineau-14
3Graham Gunn (PGA)/Stan Hogan-12

Michelob Ultra Ladies Open

Lise Jubinville/Brenda Pilon
1Brenda Pilon/Lise Jubinville-7
2Debbie O’Brien/Kathy Keely-2
3Luci Leblanc/Shari JohnsonE

GolfWorks A

Calvin Turner/Ryan Turner
1Calvin Turner/Ryan Turner-15
T2Joshua Roesler/Steve Swanson-14
T2Derek Martin/Krystian Seguin-14

Maxfli Ladies B

Yinka Aiyede/Nancy Gerritse
1Yinka Aiyede/Nancy Gerritse8
2Patsy Pyke/Amanda Maltby9
3Mary-Jo Gerritse/Robin Milks12

Barley Mow Senior B

Jim Walker/John McManus
1Jim Walker/John McManus-8
2Jerry Kreuk/Richard Kreuk-6
3Steve Peters/Greg Smyth-5

Bud Light Lime Ladies D

Tracey Vandelinder/Christine Brazeau
Tracey Vandelinder/Christine Brazeau16
Laurie Duval/Angie White17
Joan Meyer/Shannon Gorman21

Bud Light Seltzer D

Daine McGill/Dave Peebles
Daine McGill/Dave Peebles-1
Cody Burn/Marc Sabourin2
Stacey Shufelt/John Dias2

Absolute Comedy C

David Nelson/Blake Forslund
1David Nelson/Blake Forslund*PO-5
2Paul Swinwood/Chris Campbell-5
3Joe Whatley/Scott Cowan-4

Top Flite Ladies C

Nicole Bordeleau/Charlene Acres
1Nicole Bordeleau/Charlene Acres8
2Kerri Seabrook/Trudy Mulligan14
T3Susan Snelgrove/Kelly Amon15
T3Cathy Turner/Theresa Davidson15


Kevin Chevrier/Scott Jessiman
Kevin Chevrier/Scott Jessiman-15
Martin Herde/Geoff Frigon-12
Jordan McKenna/Eric Glynn-9
Rob Gottschalk/Patrick Finlan-9

Kevin Haime Little Junior Open

Boys 13-15

Isaiah Ibit/Altas Ibit
Isaiah Ibit/Altas Ibit-12
Matthew Ireland/Coleman Sly-7
Jackson Mapleston/Trent Ladouceur-7

Girls 13-15

Rachel Hayes/Elly O’Neill
Rachel Hayes/Elly O’Neill22

12 & Under

Aidan Reil/Karson Hurlbert
12 & Under.+/-
Aidan Reil/Karson Hurlbert-13
Jack Sample/Lukas Zubec1
Stella Orrbine/Madelyn Orrbine3

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