Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Wins 2021 Ottawa Valley Golf Association Senior Men’s Intersectionals

Dru Lafave, Jim Wright (Hunt Club Captain) and Alex Pugh

Another gorgeous day greeted Ottawa Valley Golf Association senior intersectional players from sixty-three OVGA Member Clubs at seventeen host golf clubs in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais today.

The John Holzman Trophy, awarded to the winning team in “A” Division of the OVGA Senior Intersectionals, was taken home by the team from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club in matches played at the Rivermead Golf Club. 

When the Senior Intersectionals were initiated by the OVGA in 1990, the team from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club was the winner and today’s win is their 6th overall. The only other Club to have won the “A” Intersectional Division more times with sixteen wins is Rivermead.

It looked for the majority of the day that Rivermead and the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club were odds on favourites to win and it took until the final match for players from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club to breathe a little easier.

The final point totals today were Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club (39), Rivermead Golf Club (36), Camelot Golf & Country Club (23) and Kanata Golf Club (22). In 2022 Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club will host Rivermead, Camelot and the “B” Division winner.

Players from the winning “A” Division team from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club were Mike Church, Greg Clarke, Ian Davidson, Peter Harrison, Bill Holmes, Ron Jack, Ron Milligan, Gino Petrocco, Mike Ritchie, Brent Rebus, Dave Ross and Dave Shoobert.

Flagstick caught up with Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Captain Jim Wright after the trophy presentation and asked him for his thoughts on his team’s win.

He responded, “Our guys came through. They played very well and we’re quite proud. We’ll take the trophy back to the Hunt Club and welcome everybody back next year.”

Congratulations to Brian Smith and Wayne Harrison from the Rivermead Golf Club, Dave Ross, Bill Holmes and Peter Harrison from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club as well as Rob Love from the Kanata Golf Club for taking the maximum six points in their matches.

Congratulations also to everyone who played in the 2021 OVGA Senior Intersectional competition and also to those who tried out for their golf club’s team.

Team Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club – 2021 Senior Men’s Intersectionals


A compilation of scoring from the various divisions of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Senior Men’s Intersectionals (sponsored by GolfOMax) as the results roll in after the September 7 competition around the valley.

Division A (Host Rivermead)

  1. Ottawa Hunt 39
  2. Rivermead 36
  3. Camelot 23
  4. Kanata 22

Division B (Host Royal Ottawa)

  1. Royal Ottawa 48
  2. Carleton 31
  3. Rockland 28
  4. Rideau View 13

Division C (Host Buckingham)

  1. Hylands 38
  2. Buckingham 33
  3. Greyhawk 26
  4. Renfrew 23

Division D (Host Greensmere)

  1. Greensmere 43
  2. Brockville 39
  3. Mississippi 23
  4. Sand Point 15

Division E (Host Prescott )

  1. Prescott 50
  2. Cedarhill 26
  3. Hammond 24
  4. Upper Canada 20

Division F (Host Smiths Falls )

  1. Hautes Plaines 39
  2. Smiths Falls 30
  3. Tecumseh 27
  4. Pakenham 24

Division G (Host Algonquin)

  1. Algonquin 54
  2. Kingsway 24
  3. Mont Cascades 23
  4. Madawaska 18

Division H (Host Perth)

  1. Perth 45
  2. Pembroke 33
  3. eQuinelle 27
  4. Mountain Creek 15

Division I (Host Stittsville)

  1. Whitetail 46
  2. Stittsville 34
  3. Glengarry 33
  4. Nationview 7

Division J (Deep River)

  1. Deep River 47
  2. Eagle Creek 41
  3. Metcalfe 17
  4. Vieux Moulins 15

Division K (Cedar Glen)

  1. Cedar Glen 27
  2. The Meadows 23
  3. Lac Ste. Marie 10

Division L (Falcon Ridge)

  1. Falcon Ridge 49
  2. Canadian 38
  3. Oaks of Cobden 25
  4. Larrimac 8

Division M (Pine View)

  1. Pine View 35
  2. Amberwood 13
  3. Morrisburg 12

Division N (Gatineau)

  1. Gatineau 34
  2. Club EG 15
  3. Heritage 11

Division O (Homestead)

  1. Homestead 33
  2. Champlain 17
  3. Calabogie Highlands 10

Division P (Manderley)

  1. Petawawa 10
  2. Manderley 10

Division Q (Casselview)

  1. Casselview 25
  2. Lombard Glen 16
  3. Dragonfly 9

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