613 Golfer Podcast Episode 11 – Taking It Full Circle With Prescott GC GM Steve Martineau

My own journey started the way I envisioned it but I certainly didn’t follow the path I thought I would. However, I ended up doing exactly what I wanted to do.

In the case of our guest on Episode 11 of the 613 Golfer Podcast, Steve Martineau, he couldn’t have seen his path being what it ended up being but ultimately he ended up right where he wanted to be from the beginning…back home at the Prescott Golf Club. How many of us get to say that we fulfilled our dream and got the job we always wanted?

Steve Martineau is one of those guys that you come across that works so hard, is passionate about his work and is just an all-around great guy to know. We will find out exactly where his 36-year journey took him and even some stories and “BUMPS” that took place along the way.

As always we will take you to the Lesson Tee, but this week with Jake Haime and I may even be ranting on about something, who knows…check it out!

music by https://www.bensound.com

(Audio) 613 Golfer Podcast – Ep11 | Prescott Golf Club’s GM, Steve Martineau – Going Full Circle

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