613 Golfer Podcast Episode 13 – Getting Into The Mind Of A Rules Official With Rich McLean

613 Golfer Podcast - Episode13

In this episode of 613 Golfer Podcast I switched gears a bit from memories of Flagstick, interviews with Golf Pros and Course Managers to in my opinion one the hidden heroes of competitive golf…the Rules Official, or as they are called now “Referees”. While you won’t likely hear any stories of foursome brawls on the back nine, there is certainly some very interesting conversations about the people you like to see as little as possible in a round of golf but could very well be your best friend too.

My very good friend Rich McLean agreed to spend some time with me this week on the show to talk about his journey to becoming a Golf Canada Referee, his reasoning for making that decision, the role he plays, and exactly what is involved in becoming a Golf Canada Referee. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by a lot of what Rich has to say.

As always we step out to the Lesson Tee with Kevin Haime and I try to bring you up to speed on a few things going on throughout the 613…because that is what I do.

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(Audio) 613 Golfer Podcast – Ep13 | Getting Into The Mind Of A Rules Official

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