A Mini Holiday Gift List – Five Gifts to Consider

Golf gifts are always welcomed

It can be harder each year to find a gift for the golfer among your family and friends. At least, one they will appreciate. More golf balls and an ugly golf sweater can seem cute and all, but likely won’t generate an enthusiastic thank you card.

So what should you be looking at for gifts this year? Here are a few suggestions that should be well-received.

Let’s start small, shall we…

Low Priced Help -Foot Spray??? 

This may seem like an odd item but I assure you they will be appreciated by the golfer you present them to. Dr. Scholl’s Odour Destroyers All Day Deodorant Spray Powder may seem like an insulting gift but it is actually a useful one. Sure, golfers can make their wet shoes smell better with it, but they can also use the spray to help them play better. The spray is useful for golfers to note where they are impacting the golf ball on the face of all their clubs, from driver to putter. See this tip for an example. 

Foot Spray can help you play better golf

GolfTV App

This one will have to be a homemade gift certificate at this point since the app is yet to come out but Discovery is launching GolfTV in Canada and International markets in 2019. It will include control of PGA TOUR coverage (some events will be carried on various networks) but it’s clear they will have a digital platform much like the current PGA TOUR Live – an à la carte channel for golf. With deals already signed with players like Tiger Woods for exclusive coverage, owning this app subscription, which should be available on just about every platform, will be a big bonus for any golf fan.


ACCRA Golf Custom Golf Shaft

Express yourself. With a golf shaft.

Only available through custom golf club fitters (arrange an appointment as the gift), ACCRA Golf shafts are not only high performance products used by some of the best PGA TOUR and LPGA TOUR players, every day golfers can buy them, and they have a custom shaft program. The program allows you to deck out a shaft in the colours you like with design features like flags, as well as laser etching of names or phrases. See where you can find a dealer at this link.

Evolution of Golf Course Design (Book)

Emanating from the Masters thesis of Canadian architect Keith Cutten, this volume is proving to be a sensation among golf architecture fans. Thoughtfully written with unique perspectives and backed by wonderful images, it is sure to become a classic on the topic. A beautiful gift for any golfer that you can purchase at this link.

Old Course at St Andrews Links Hole Plaque

They’ve made the pilgrimage to The Home of Golf, or they want to. One of the notable things for anyone familiar with The Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland is the distinctive cast plaques that mark the tee boxes on each hole.

Now you can order a replica right from the holy land of the sport. You can designate which hole you prefer (I hear #1, #17, and #18 are very popular) and each plaque measures 27cm x 23cm and weighs in at a hefty 4kgs. They are made to order so expect to wait up to six weeks for delivery but it will be more than worth it. And appreciated.

More info here.

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