A Two Step Equipment Check Up

by Marc Peterson, Rivermead Golf Club

In the last 15 years, as golf professionals we have become better informed about club fitting and technology.  In that time we have also become aware that many golfers have poorly fitted equipment, especially in regards to lie angles and shaft flex.

The proper fitting is key, as without it you will try to fit your swing to the club rather than the opposite.  The result will be a lot of inconsistency in your swing and ball flight.  By trying to accommodate the club you will have little chance of repeating the same motion each time.

Driver shaft fitting is very key for all people to get the most out of their drives.  While many people focus on the shaft flex, equally important is the kickpoint as this will help determine the final ball flight trajectory and spin rate.  Both of which, if optimal, will help you to produce the longest and most accurate drives possible.

Having a proper lie angle with your irons leads to greater consistency and distance.  With an improper lie angle you will not be able to return the clubface to the ball the same way each time.  It will also cause you to have less power, as it will not allow you to release the club naturally.

As the golf season begins then, check out just two things with your golf equipment if you want to improve.  See your local CPGA Professional and have them assess your iron lie angles and driver shaft.  You would be surprised how many strokes you can save it you get just those two things right.

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