Are your clubs LIE…ING to you?

by Marc Peterson, CPGA Professional

You want the possibility of improving your game without making any swing change?  How many of you have considered your lie angle as a simple way to improve your game?  Here’s why you should think about it.

Your lie angle helps determine which direction the ball will fly upon impact of the club.  If your angle is off in the clubs you are using, you will have to compensate your aim or your swing motion when you hit the ball.  If the lie angle is too flat it will make the ball go right (right hand golfer) while if the lie is too upright the ball will go left.  As each person swings differently you cannot determine the lie angle at address or simply by a static measurement.  This lie angle needs to be tested not at address, but at impact as the club moves through the ball.

Just a couple degrees of variance can send your golf ball offline immediately, giving you little chance of getting the ball to your target.

So, if you are wondering if your lie angle needs adjustment, pay a visit to your local CPGA Golf Professional and have a club fitting analysis.  It won’t cost you much and it will be well worth the time spent.  It is a great way to improve your game without changing anything about the way you swing the golf club.

Good Golfing!

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