Assistant Pros Prevail At PING Challenge Cup

-CPGA Ottawa Zone Pros Battle In Team Format-

The Assistant Pros Team Won The 2010 PING Challenge Cup
The Assistant Pros Team Won The 2010 PING Challenge Cup

Ottawa, Ontario, September 15, 2010 – Serious bragging rights (and a really nice trophy) were on the line Monday as two teams of 12 professionals each faced off in the inaugural PING Challenge Cup presented by Flagstick Golf Magazine.

In the fall of 2009 an informal match between a team of head professional’s and assistant professionals from the Canadian PGA Ottawa Zone provided the inspiration for this year’s competition held at the GreyHawk Golf Club.

The pros qualified all year long via their Players Tour Order tour.  The top nine Head Professionals and Assistant Professionals made up each team while the top two Senior players and two PING picks completed each twelve-man roster.

The Head Professional Team (Team Black) consisted of Scott Johnson, Graham Gunn, Luke Saunders, Terry Kolar, Mike Dagenais, Marc Levac, Chris Learmonth, Dale Pedersen, Gord Percy, Kevin Haime, Marc Foucault, and Chris Barber.  Their non-playing team Captain was Flagstick Publisher Jeff Bauder.

On the Assistants side were Derek MacDonald, James Sperinck, Blake Smith, Barry Laphen, Alec Hubert, Sean Joyce, Bill Keating, John Kelly, Fabion Pilon, Jason Winters, Joe Dubinski, and Rober Beale.  Acting as their non-playing Team Captain was Flagstick Editorial Director Scott MacLeod.

With a format of 27 holes that included nine-hole Better Ball (teams of two), nine-hole Alternate Shot (teams of two, and nine-hole of singles play, the matches got off to an early start.

Upon arriving at the new Greyhawk Clubhouse the team members mounted up for the event by donning team colours and PING Golf bags with their caddies all decked in PING Challenge Cup bibs for the day.  It created quite a sight that got the attention of every other golfer playing at the club during the day and a few spectators that came out to watch some quality golf.

In opening Better Ball action the Head Professionals jumped out to an early start and by the time the first leg of the day’s activities were over they had accumulated a 4.5 to 1.5 point lead.

That did not last long though as the Assistant Pros showed their ability in the difficult Alternate Shot format where they grabbed 4.5 points of their own to tie the matches at 6 points each with just the Singles matches left to play.

Despite the cool, overcast conditions the pros were eager to get the final matches and settle just who would be the better team on the day.

That proved to be the Assistant Pros who took decisive leads early in many of the 12 singles matches.  The only Head Professionals who were able to stem the tide a little were former Zone Champions Graham Gunn and Kevin Haime who won their matches while their just four of their compatriots were able to manage to halve their tests.  In the meantime, six of the Assistant Pros – Blake Smith, Alec Hubert, Sean Joyce, John Kelly, Joe Dubinski, and Roger Beale were victorious.

The Assistant Pros won 8 points in the singles while the Head Pros cobbled together 4 points for a final tally of 14-10 in favour of the Assistant Pros.

“The guys rallied and played great today,” said Scott MacLeod, the victorious captain.  “I know everybody had a great time and on top of great competition there was exceptional camaraderie among everybody throughout the day.”

Andre Borys, the regional Representative for PING Golf, had a smile on his face all day, even as he subbed in as a caddy for one of the players.  “I think everybody had a great time and looked great out there with their PING hats and PING bags,” he stated at the formal presentation. “ We are happy to be involved with this event and a lot of thanks has to go to Martin Boucher, who did my job  before me.  He was the guy who came up with this idea and got it rolling.  We want to thank everybody for taking part, for all the hard work of people like Harry (Hereford, the CPGA Ottawa Zone Executive Director), and Luke (Saunders, Zone Captain) and the support of Jeff Bauder and everyone at Flagstick.”

PING Challenge Cup
September 15
Better Ball
Head Professionals Assistant Professionals
Graham Gunn 0.5 James Sperinck 0.5
Terry Kolar Derek MacDonald
Kevin Haime 1 Fabion Pilon 0
Scott Johnson Alec Hubert
Luke Saunders 1 Sean Joyce 0
Marc Levac Jason Winters
Dale Pedersen 1 Blake Smith 0
Chris Learmonth Joe Dubinski
Marc Foucault 0 Roger Beale 1
Mike Dagenais John Kelly
Chris Barber 1 Barry Laphen 0
Gord Percy Bill Keating
SubTotal 4.5 1.5
Alternate Shot
Head Professionals Assistant Professionals
Graham Gunn 0 James Sperinck 1
Terry Kolar Derek MacDonald
Kevin Haime 0 Fabion Pilon 1
Scott Johnson Alec Hubert
Luke Saunders 0 Sean Joyce 1
Marc Levac Jason Winters
Dale Pedersen 0 Blake Smith 1
Chris Learmonth Joe Dubinski
Marc Foucault 0.5 Roger Beale 0.5
Mike Dagenais John Kelly
Chris Barber Barry Laphen
Gord Percy 1 Bill Keating 0
Subtotal 1.5 4.5
Two Match Total 6 6
Head Professionals Assistant Professionals
Scott Johnson 0.5 Derek MacDonald 0.5
Graham Gunn 1 James Sperinck 0
Luke Saunders 0 Blake Smith 1
Terry Kolar 0.5 Barry Laphen 0.5
Mike Dagenais 0 Alec Hubert 1
Marc Levac 0 Sean Joyce 1
Chris Learmonth 0.5 Bill Keating 0.5
Dale Pedersen 0 John Kelly 1
Gord Percy 0.5 Fabion Pilon 0.5
Kevin Haime 1 Jason Winters 0
Marc Foucault 0 Joe Dubinski 1
Chris Barber 0 Roger Beale 1
Subtotal 4 8
Total 10 14

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