Ben Lowe Is The Junior Golfer of The Month For June

Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe, who plays at the Glengarry Golf & Country Club in Alexandria is the second winner of the Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month, a bursary presented by the Kevin Haime Junior Golf Initiative in partnership with Flagstick Golf Magazine.

Prospective winners (ages 9-17) are asked to apply and share detail of their involvement with golf and why they should be the “Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month.” Four golfers will be chosen this year to coincide with issues of Flagstick Golf Magazine print issues that come out during the golf season.

Not only will they receive public recognition, they will also be awarded a $500 bursary from the Kevin Haime Junior Golf Initiative to help support their golfing goals, whether that be coaching, equipment, golf fees, or tournament and travel expenses.

Among recent group of submissions, the one by 17 year-old Ben Lowe stood out. It read, in part:

“The golf course is like my second home. I am always working on different parts of my game or playing 18 holes with friends. If I am not doing that, chances are, I am working there. I have been working in the back shop and pro shop for 4 years now. For a young golfer looking to save up money for post-secondary, it is a dream job! As for golf, I have been playing since a very young age. I remember my grandma would take my cousin and I to the top of her big hill where she would let us hit golf balls down towards the house. We always got so excited when we saw that ball roll all the way down the hill. Ever since then, we have both been hooked.

Golf is an awesome way to spend the summer. I have met so many great people through the game and I am looking forward to meeting so many more. My favourite part of the game is being able to enjoy so many different courses. There are no two courses that are the same and even if you play the same one every day, you always manage to find new and interesting places on the course! Golf is a game I can play with friends, family or even alone. Whoever I play with, I try to push myself to do better than the last game. I am always trying to set goals and trying to hit new golf shots that maybe I used to have trouble with. As a golfer, you are never satisfied and there is always room for improvement which is something I love.

Last season, I had a very successful year on the course. At my local club, we have three main men’s tournaments. There is the Alexandria Open, the Glengarry Open and the Men’s Club Championship. I was able to capture all three titles which only two other men have ever done at our golf course. It was a great achievement which I will always be proud of! I also had a great year playing in the Play Junior Golf Tour. I started the year off by winning my very first tournament, then ended the year with three straight wins in my age division. I am looking forward to the upcoming season which gets started with a CJGA event in Hawkesbury. To top it off, I made two hole-in-ones on number 9 at my home course.

Finally, one of my favourite parts of the summer is having the opportunity to help junior golfers get started in the game and work on their fundamentals. I am so excited to volunteer with the club’s Junior Coordinator. It is a great way to give back to the course and help get junior golfers interested in the game. The clinics are booked up every segment! It is amazing to see the juniors who are just swinging for the first time and to see the kids who have progressed every year. It is a great opportunity and I am so excited to be a part of it!”

Ben plans to use the bursary to help with entry fees to some 15-20 tournaments he plans to play in 2017.

He concluded his application letter with, “Golf is such a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t want to change anything about it!”

Congratulations to Ben Lowe and we hope this Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month Award will help you achieve your junior, college, and professional goals in golf.


Junior wishing to apply to be the Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month can visit Flagstick.com to see suggestions on content for their application.

Prospective winners should include information about where they play, how long they have been playing, how often they play, what golf means to them and why, and why they feel they should be chosen as the “Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of The Month.” They should also share why they need the bursary and what they expect to be spending the money on, as well as a synopsis of their dreams and goals when it comes to golf.

Entries should be submitted to jbauder@flagstick.com and include all your contact information.

Visit this link for more information.



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