Bennett and Briggs Win Ontario Senior Better Ball Title

(Golf Ontario) BRAMPTON, ON — The second to last event of the Golf Ontario season took place September 20th at Brampton Golf Club with the Ontario Senior Men’s Better-Ball Championship. This was the third year in a row that Brampton hosted the event and unlike the scorcher of 2017, it was a windy cool day with some light rain scattered throughout it.

One pair that was able to handle the weather was the team of Mark Bennett from Bayview G&CC and Jim Briggs of Cardinal Lakes GC who shot an amazing five-under (66) to win by two strokes in their third attempt together at this trophy.

Afterwards the dynamic duo spoke about what it meant. “We bogeyed our first hole and after that we just played rock solid, lots of birdie looks,” said Briggs. “We made 6 birdies and could have made two or three more,” added Bennett.

The pair acknowledged they are a good team together for a few reasons. “We are both very calm and relaxed and we don’t get too serious or down,” commented Briggs. He continued with “Sharing it as a team to celebrate makes it even more special.” Bennett then summed it, “It’s pretty special, it’s an Ontario Championship and we get our names on the trophy that contains with players from the past few decades that have been the best of the best.”

They came together from a referral three years ago of all things. “Somebody mentioned Jim didn’t have a partner at a senior qualifier we were both at and I walked over and introduced myself and thankfully he said yes and gave me an opportunity,” said Bennett. This is the first provincial title for both Bennett and Briggs coming close in second place at the 2016 tournament.

There was a three-way tie for second place at three-under (68). Sharing the silver were the teams of: Bruno Ardito and Gary Parker of home course Brampton GC, Kevin and Dan Boland, also of Brampton GC and Neil Boddington and Greg Hotham of Barrie CC.

Final Leaderboard

Pos Team +/- Thru Total
1 Mark Bennett  Bayview G&CC
Jim Briggs  Public Player
-5 F 66
T2 Bruno Ardito  Brampton GC
Gary Parker  Brampton GC
-3 F 68
T2 Neil Boddington  Barrie CC
Greg Hotham  Barrie CC
-3 F 68
T2 Kevin Boland  Brampton GC
Dan Boland  Brampton GC
-3 F 68
T5 Wallace Hofland  Hamilton G & CC
Bob Herron  Brantford G&CC 
-2 F 69
T5 Bryan McMahon  Brampton GC
Bill Swartz  Public Player
-2 F 69
T7 Brian Bowman  St. Thomas Golf & Country
Stephen Brodie  St. Thomas Golf & Country
-1 F 70
T7 Lars Melander  Hidden Lake GC
Larry Cooper  Mississaugua 
-1 F 70
T7 Claudio Venditti  The National Golf Club of
Paul Policaro  The National Golf Club of
-1 F 70
T7 John Zdonek  Roseland Golf & Curling C
John Saffran  Pointe West GC
-1 F 70
T11 Phil Charal  The Summit G&CC 
Tony Robinson  The Summit G&CC 
E F 71
T11 Randy Doucette  Victoria Park East Golf C
Gary Clairman  Victoria Park East Golf C
E F 71
T11 Christopher Kertsos  York Downs Golf & Country
Dan Partland  The National Golf Club of
E F 71
T11 Jace Kohlmeier  Sarnia G&CC
Gerard McAnulty  Sarnia G&CC
E F 71
T11 Peter MacKinnon  Maple City Country Club
Tom Faulds  London Hunt and CC
E F 71
T11 Brad McConnell  Lakeridge Links Golf Club
Paul Kirkpatrick  Station Creek GC
E F 71
T11 Rick Paquette  Beach Grove G&CC
Ken Greenwood  Beach Grove G&CC
E F 71
T18 Peter Gee  Rattlesnake Point GC
Jamie Kavanagh  Glen Abbey GC
+1 F 72
T18 Howard Glassman  Glencairn GC
Tim Southcott  Glencairn GC
+1 F 72
T18 Steven Houle  Riverbend Golf Community
Warren Sye  Riverbend Golf Community
+1 F 72
T18 Michael Howard  Meadowbrook Golf & Countr
Raymond Oh  Meadowbrook Golf & Countr
+1 F 72
T18 Stig Lassen  Saugeen Golf Club
Ian Penney  Lookout Point Country Clu
+1 F 72
T18 Jay Lilge  Donalda Club
Allan Donald  Donalda Club
+1 F 72
T18 Jeff Maslanka  Deer Ridge Golf Club
Bob Turow  Deer Ridge Golf Club
+1 F 72
T18 Marty Quincey  Devil’s Pulpit 
Brian Semkiw  Devil’s Pulpit 
+1 F 72
T18 Brent Taylor  Whistle Bear Golf Club
Bob Irvine  Meadows G&CC
+1 F 72
T27 Herb Cowen  Pike Lake G & CC
Scott Coburn  Pike Lake G & CC
+2 F 73
T27 Gordon Henderson  Public Player
Joe Miszk  Lookout Point Country Clu
+2 F 73
T27 David Johnson  Midland G & CC
Mark Davidson  Hawk Ridge G&CC
+2 F 73
T27 Ronald Kerr  Brampton GC
Alan Kerr  Brampton GC
+2 F 73
T27 Ross Macdonald  Deer Ridge Golf Club
George Stokes  Deer Ridge Golf Club
+2 F 73
T27 Don McLean  Greystone Golf Club
David Stroud  National Pines Golf Club
+2 F 73
T27 Bernie Starchuk  Burlington Golf & Country
Michael Bondy  Glencairn GC – L/S
+2 F 73
T27 Brad Stumpf  Bowmanville Golf & Countr
Rick Anderson  Bowmanville Golf & Countr
+2 F 73
T27 Stephen White  Peterborough G & CC
Allen Chapman  Lindsay Golf & Country Cl
+2 F 73
T36 Mark Brewer  Whitevale GC
Cam Hreljac  Whitevale GC
+3 F 74
T36 William Dagneau  Georgian Bay Club
Danny Brown  Georgian Bay Club
+3 F 74
T36 Darin Dirk  Sunningdale GC
Dave Speir  Sunningdale GC
+3 F 74
T36 Bill Hilton  St. Andrew’s East Golf Cl
David Myers  St. Andrew’s East Golf Cl
+3 F 74
T36 Ryan Holmes  Blue Springs Golf Club
Michael Alderman  Blue Springs Golf Club
+3 F 74
T36 Craig Jurden  Whistle Bear Golf Club
Blake Clemes  Devil’s Pulpit 
+3 F 74
T36 Barry Orser  Oshawa Golf & Curling
Mark Kalbfleisch  Oshawa Golf & Curling
+3 F 74
T36 Len Timmerman  Vespra Hills Golf Club
Kent Osborne  Vespra Hills Golf Club
+3 F 74
T36 Jeff Watson  Brampton GC
Gary Little  Brampton GC
+3 F 74
T45 Patrick Carew  Spring Lakes GC
Peter Palframan  Rocky Crest Golf Club
+4 F 75
T45 Ian Gibson  Port Colborne Golf & Coun
Carl Nanni  Meadowbrook Golf & Countr
+4 F 75
T45 Tim Lee  Public Player
Frank Morris  Cutten Fields
+4 F 75
T45 Bruce McEwen  Scarboro Golf & Country C
Frank Mihalek  Scarboro Golf & Country C
+4 F 75
T45 Ian Montgomery  Weston G&CC
Richard Lockwood  Highland Country Club
+4 F 75
T45 Frank Mortensen  Lookout Point Country Clu
Tony Ravenda  Hunters Pointe GC
+4 F 75
T45 Peter Tobin  Kingsville Golf & Country
Mario Guertin  Rattlesnake Point GC
+4 F 75
T45 John Usborne  The National Golf Club of
David Larkin  Toronto Golf Club
+4 F 75
T53 Steve Burch  Barrie CC
Don Johnson  Galt Country Club
+5 F 76
T53 Wayne Fillmore  St. Andrew’s East Golf Cl
Paul Maynard  St. Andrew’s East Golf Cl
+5 F 76
T53 Brammer Long  Barrie CC
Rob Garner
+5 F 76
T53 John Lord  Barrie CC
Jay Pattison  Barrie CC
+5 F 76
T53 Michael McGarragle  Whitevale GC
Barry Fairhurst  Public Player
+5 F 76
T53 Clint Ward  Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Terry Cowan  Royal Ashburn Golf Club
+5 F 76
T59 Gary Kirk  Public Player
L.A. MacDonald  Barrie CC
+6 F 77
T59 Steve Knoch  OslerBrook G&CC
Hugh Fallon  OslerBrook G&CC
+6 F 77
T59 John Murphy  Barrie CC
Doug McCann  Heritage Hills GC 
+6 F 77
62 Nick Digiandomenico  Batteaux Creek GC
Larry Karpowicz  Public Player
+7 F 78
63 John Mealia  Bayview G&CC
Michael Mealia  Bayview G&CC
+8 F 79
64 Peter Mumford  Public Player
David Goodman  The Summit G&CC 
+11 F 82