Beyond Golf

St. Andrew’s, Pinehurst; what’s are these places really about? As impactful as their golf courses have been it is not until you really dig deep that you learn what sets them apart.

After you visit destinations like these it quickly becomes clear that there is something that makes them far more significant than the turf that has been hewn into places for people to play a game.

There is a beauty, a majesty, a presence, that goes beyond golf.

It seems cliche to put them in a spiritual realm but even golfers can say that they feel emotions bubble to the surface at places like the Pinehurst Resort where I currently sit. Just steps away the Ryder Cup lounge is littered with photos of great golfers that have played here but just around the corner, in a majestic hallway, are row upon row of images that depict more than a hundred years of history. In those pictures you don’t just see golfers, you see people that for some reason have found a connection with this place. It might simply be the physical beauty of the land that brought them here, or a sporting activity of some kind – either way they were drawn here for some reason.

It is hard to explain and I won’t be so flippant as to think I have the words to do it justice. It is not something to be told, it is something to be felt, to see, to be immersed in.

Yes, eight golf courses are clearly the major attraction here at Pinehurst but there is so much more than that that puts it into a league that has a limited membership.

It is a place where everything just seems to fit.

In just a day and a half I have been reminded why Pinehurst Resort will always have a place in my heart. The people,the setting, the golf, the history – they possess an intoxicating mix that would be impossible to manufacture.

Fortunately they recognize that fact and simply nurture it’s existence, keeping true to it’s original essence.

But don’t take my word for it – golfer or otherwise you owe it to yourself to put it on your travel checklist.

Highlights of the Day:
Breakfast in the Carolina Dining Room – Mouthwatering!
Course #4, 13th and 14th holes – Stunning!
Triple Chocolate Souffle (with Godiva white chocolate creme anglais) at the 1895 Grille in the Holly Inn – Pure Heaven!