Book Review: I Golf, Therefore I Am – Nuts!

Author: George Fuller, Publisher: Human Kinetics, 227 Pages ($15.95 USD $17.95 CDN)

Approximately two minutes after golf literature debuted it began to take itself too seriously. Conversely the established classics of golf journalism have far too often given way to fluff meant to capture dollars and not imaginations.

I Golf, Therefore I Am – Nuts! falls squarely in between those two eras. …and that is not a bad thing.

I cringed a bit when I noted 45 chapters but after finishing all I could think was “can I have some more?” Non-golfers love to mock those who take up the game and the insight and humor in this book will show you why that might be the case. Golfers ARE nuts and, like Fuller has done, it seems life is much easier when you just admit and go along for the laugh-ridden ride.

With so many current golf books relying solely of the rehashed tales of golf’s past, it can be hardy to provide a fresh angle to the subject matter. Fuller..darn it…he pulled it off.

With plenty of bang-on references to significant moments in the history of the sport he manages to create a chuckle-inducing perspective of how he sees the world of golf. It’s obvious that the Editor and Publisher of Southern California’s Tee It Up Magazine has a lot on his mind and knows how to express it from an impressively quirky angle. It is also clear that he has an uncommon knowledge and passion of the game that translates well in his writing.

The subject matter runs the gamut from the PGA Tour to everyday golf on the local muni and it is all presented in very digestible bites. The result is a palatable text for both the novice and expert golfer – all at a price perfect for gift-giving.

It’s light reading but it is meaty enough that you will keep turning the page, chapter after chapter.

On a laugh to price ratio – this one’s good value.



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