Product Watch: Bridgestone Upgrades e6 Golf Ball Model

Bridgestone Golf is doing a 2021 upgrade to their longest running golf ball model.

The value-priced e6 ball has been around for an incredible fifteen years now, and continues to find a sweet-spot in the consumer market. It sells for just under $30 (CDN).

As it has previously, it will continue to be a ball targeted at the moderate swing speed player

“The e-Family has a lengthy, storied history at Bridgestone,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf. “The e6 is actually the longest running model in the e-Family and is our most successful two-piece Surlyn golf ball model to date. It has a significant following among moderate-speed players who demand a very soft feel with maximum distance off the tee and enhanced forgiveness on the long- and mid-irons. As a bonus it also provides incredible feel on and around the green.”  

The upgrades include a new core, which is larger and softer than previous editions, resulting in a distance boost and an enhancement in feel.

The new models will be available in white and optic yellow covers and will arrive at retail on February 26th.

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