Film: The Caddie School For Soldiers

2019 Caddie School For Soldiers participants

Golf, and all that goes on around it, has a distinct effect on people. We spend time together, we communicate, we experience an array of emotions, we help others, and we get to do it all in some of the most inspiring and tranquil settings that nature provides.

In a way, it has restorative powers and a program that started in 2019 that brought together former soldiers to train as golf caddies in Scotland is proof of that.

It’s an inspiring, emotional, and spiritual tale that was captured beautifully for a documentary that was just released.

Among the six chosen participants were two Canadians, Troy Killingbeck of Ontario, and Kevin Dunphy of Nova Scotia.

The group lived in a house together not far from The Home Of Golf at St Andrews and trained with top flight caddies and pros on all aspects of the game for a month.

It’s a compelling story and worth your time to watch; it was documented beautifully.

For more on the program, see their website at this link.