Callaway Golf 2010 – The Rundown

On the the heels of their 2009 3rd quarter results that show the company is tightening their belt and in fine position for the 2010 season Callaway Golf recently displayed their new wares at the Ontario PGA Show in Toronto, Ontario.

I must say I was particularly smitten with their new FT-Tour and Diablo Edge drivers – they should garner a lot of attention for the company.

Here is a rundown of their 2010 product line provided by them just this morning: (For further insight and images you can see their 2010 US Catalog online here.

There are also some great threads about the topic to be found at our Forum partner, GolfWRX.


The 2010 line up includes the technologically-advanced FT-iZ Driver and matching FT-iZ Fairway Woods; the bold Diablo Edge drivers, irons, fairway woods and hybrids; new high-performance Tour golf balls and the White Ice putter range from Odyssey. Callaway’s commitment to women’s golf continues with the launch of the Solaire Set and Golf Ball.

“Callaway’s 2010 line up really has something for everyone, and the technology behind these new products has been developed to help a golfer’s game at any level,” said Scott Reid, Managing Director of Callaway Golf Canada. “Our expertise in Fusion Technology has been further extended across club categories, while the new Diablo Edge Woods and Irons all benefit from Callaway Golf’s superior design, technology and performance.”

The 2010 product line-up from Callaway Golf includes:


Callaway Golf® FT-iZ™ Driver – Taking design and playability to a new level by leveraging the most advanced materials in the world, the FT-iZ is performance engineered with new Polar Weighting – positioning over 70 per cent of the head weight in the face and extreme rear section of the club. With its new aerodynamic shape profile, FT-iZ is the longest, straightest driver Callaway Golf has ever designed. Available: Feb. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® FT Tour™ Driver – Features all the benefits of Fusion Technology applied to a Tour performance driver with a traditional pear-shape, chemically-milled Hyperbolic Cup Face, open face angles and a full hosel. FT-Tour delivers tremendous ball speed with a flat, penetrating Tour-trajectory, meeting all the needs of the accomplished golfer. Available: Feb. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® FT-iZ™ Fairway Woods – Using the same performance benefits that Polar Weighting delivers in the Driver, the new FT-iZ Fairway Woods feature an ultralight composite crown, a new generation of VFT Face Technology and strategically placed internal weighting to produce unparalleled ball speed and forgiveness for longer straighter shots. Available: Feb. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® FT-iZ™ Hybrids – The new FT-iZ Hybrid features high density Metal Injection Moulded (MIM) weights which concentrate large amounts of head weight low and around the perimeter for a lower centre of gravity and increased MOI (resistance to twisting). A Trajectory Driven Design produces the optimum launch for all levels of player. Available: Feb. 15, 2010


Callaway Golf® Diablo Edge™ Drivers – Boldly styled, but traditionally shaped, the Diablo Edge drivers are the longest, most accurate all-titanium drivers Callaway Golf has ever made. The Standard Driver has Draw Bias weighting whereas the neutrally-weighted Tour version includes a hosel and delivers a more powerful, boring trajectory preferred by better players. Both sport Chemically-Milled Hyperbolic Cup Face technology for consistently high ball speed and distance. Available: Mar. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® Diablo Edge™ Fairway Woods – Ultra-thin Variable Face Thickness Technology (VFT) and improvements in the casting process have allowed Callaway designers to develop this range of woods which increase ball speed off the face for significantly improved distance. The new Diablo Edge Fairway Woods are the longest, straightest steel fairway woods we’ve ever made, with distance gains of 10-12 yards over Big Bertha Diablo®. Tour and Standard models give performance and trajectory options – the Tour delivering a more powerful, workable ball flight and possess the lowest, shallowest centre of gravity of any steel fairway wood we’ve ever made, providing skilled players with a club that will perform more to their liking. The Standard gives maximum forgiveness and higher trajectories. Available: Mar. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® Diablo Edge™ Hybrids – A thin crown and VFT Technology are used to reposition mass to the perimeter of these larger footprint Hybrids. This delivers incredible accuracy, making these hybrids ideal for long iron replacement. A low, deep centre of gravity in the Standard model provides a high launching trajectory and maximum forgiveness. An even lower, forward centre of gravity in the Tour model provides a more penetrating ball flight for higher swing speed players and enables more workability. Available: Mar. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® Diablo Edge™ Irons – A lower, more accessible sweet spot, combined with the Solid Impact Sole powers cleaner hits, longer distances and pin-point accuracy for golfers seeking a performance “Edge” for their iron game. Available: Jan. 15, 2010

Callaway Golf® Diablo Forged™ Irons – Callaway Golf has reached a new level of performance in a forged iron design. This iron provides a wide range of golfers the best distance they have ever seen in a Callaway forged iron with unprecedented feel, accuracy and forgiveness. The forged steel perimeter-weighted body and precision welded face provide incredibly soft, responsive feedback at impact in a sleek and compact head styled with classic lines. Available: Feb. 15, 2010


Callaway® X Series Jaws™ Wedges – The most versatile specialist wedges Callaway has ever made, the X-Series Jaws wedges been launched to take advantage of enhanced groove technology before new rules limiting future developments are implemented in 2010. Inspired by its Tour Authentic X-Prototype Irons, they were crafted by legendary designer Roger Cleveland using an advanced triple-net forging process with 1020 carbon steel, to provide precision quality and soft feel. The new X-Series Jaws wedges feature aggressively-sized Mack Daddy® Grooves designed at the maximum conforming depth and width for shot-stopping spin and control that allows golfers to take aim at the hole. Tour-inspired ‘C-Grind’ sole plus a tighter heel-toe radius and proper bounce, improves turf interaction and enables golfers to lay the face open while keeping the leading edge down for the ultimate in shot-making versatility. Available: Nov. 15, 2009


Odyssey® White Ice™ Putters – The new White Ice putters from Odyssey combine tour-trusted shape with a new look and better feel. The White Ice insert is our best feeling, multi-layer insert to date and was developed with extensive feedback from pros on tour. Callaway engineers have enhanced the sound, responsiveness and consistency of the insert. Phil Mickelson has been playing with a White Ice insert since the Masters and was using the insert when he won the Tour Championship in 2009. The new insert’s inner core is 19.6 per cent firmer to enhance feel, and 92 per cent stiffer for better resiliency, leading to consistent distance and control. The roughened face surface also helps increase friction between the ball and the putter to promote forward roll. Coupled with a new dark nickel finish, the new White Ice putter combines tour-proven looks with tour-inspired feel.

Odyssey 2-Ball Putters – The Odyssey 2-Ball Alignment System features more accurate alignment and adjustable weighting for customized feel options.

Available: Feb. 15, 2010

Odyssey Progressive Putters – Odyssey’s Progressive Models, feature radical shapes and a high MOI for better stability and forgiveness.

Available Nov. 15 2009: Sabertooth putter

Available Feb. 15 2010: Sabertooth 2, Teron, and Mini T putters

Core Odyssey Putters – The core line of Odyssey putters features Tour-proven looks and a Tour-inspired feel for Tour-level confidence. Core model putters maximize headweight for optimum feel.

Available: Nov. 15, 2009: #1, #7, #9, and Rossie putters

Available: Feb. 15, 2010: #2, #5 and 330 Mallet putters

Odyssey® Black Series® Tour Designs Putters – Extensive work between the Odyssey design team and Tour players like Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els has led to the introduction of precision-crafted milled putters featuring a new look with updated shapes and more head options. A.R.T. (Advanced Roll Technology) is achieved through multi-material construction using tungsten weighting, creating a quicker, more favorable roll by moving the centre of gravity back and lower in the putterhead. The TD Milled Face has a precise, deep milling pattern that generates consistent impact performance across the face, resulting in better feel, distance control and smooth roll. Each putter is finished with a Deep Black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), producing a durable, glare-free look that was added specifically based on feedback received from Tour pros. Available: Feb.15, 2010


Callaway Golf® Tour i(z)™ Golf Ball – The most technologically advanced golf ball on tour. Through 2nd generation Dual Core Construction, Callaway engineers have designed a tour ball that delivers faster ball speeds. The refined HEX Aerodynamics pattern has been improved to add even more distance. This patented design breakthrough reduces drag and adds flight stability through every kind of wind condition, minimizing the wind’s effect on ball trajectory. The new urethane cover uses a proprietary blend to provide tour-level feel and control around the green with significantly improved durability. It’s also available in higher player numbers. The Tour i(z) ensures you’ll never be left twisting in the wind. Available: Jan.15, 2010

Callaway Golf® Tour i(s)™ Golf Ball – It’s no secret that the new groove rules instituted by the USGA are designed to reduce spin off wedges and short irons, placing more of a premium on shot-making. The new Tour i(s) leverages 2nd Generation Dual Core inertia technology, making it easier for golfers of all abilities to generate maximum short-game spin. The softest Callaway tour ball ever features refined HEX Aerodynamics for a stronger ball flight and more distance by reducing drag and promoting efficient ball flight in all wind conditions. Available: Jan.15, 2010

Callaway Golf® HX Bite™ Golf Ball – The new 3-piece performance golf ball provides tour-level spin around green with more distance off the tee. The combination of a soft, high-energy core and advanced inner cover dramatically lowers spin off the driver, increasing distance and accuracy, while HEX aerodynamics reduce drag for penetrating ball flight. The soft outer cover generates tour-level spin on short-game shots for precision control with soft feel off the clubface. Available: Jan.15, 2010


Callaway Golf® Solaire™ 14-Piece and 9-Piece Complete Sets – The new Solaire 14-piece set is designed to allow women to go straight from the shop to the course with everything they need to play in style. The set consists of an all-titanium driver, 3 stainless steel fairway woods, 3 hybrids, 2 irons, 3 wedges, a centre-shafted mallet putter and a stylish versatile cart bag. The 9-Piece set is designed more as starter set for women and consists of a reduced number clubs, chosen for the all-round purposes of a more novice golfer: The all-titanium driver, 1 stainless steel fairway wood, 2 hybrids, an iron, 2 wedges, a mallet putter and the same stylish cart bag, offers the same high playability features as the 14-Piece set. Years of extensive research with women golfers have led us to develop an Energy Efficient Design approach that optimizes every element of a golf club to maximize the performance of a woman’s swing. The end result is the most forgiving set of clubs for women with longer, straighter distance with higher ball flights and better accuracy from every point on the course. Available: Dec.10, 2009

Callaway Golf® Solaire™ Golf Ball – A new women’s golf ball designed to perform ideally at slower swing speeds. The soft, resilient core has been specifically formulated to provide increased carry and distance, helping shots fly farther than ever. The low compression core produces soft feel off the clubface and patented HEX Aerodynamics produces long, efficient ball flight. Two stylish colours are available: 100% Pure Callaway White or High Visibility Pink. Both utilize a luminous finish that will add a distinctive flair to any woman’s game. Available: Nov.15, 2009


UPro Go – The latest edition to the UPro family is the UPro Go. With the UPro Go, hit the course straight from the gift shop with a cutting edge, full colour GPS device pre-loaded with thousands of courses across Canada and the U.S. The virtual green view feature in Go Mode shows the green and the surrounding area in vivid detail with precise distances. Anypoint technology is another Go Mode feature that allows you to measure to any point on or around the green, and at half the size and weight of other golf GPS devices, it fits easily into a pocket. For more information on Callaway’s uPro and UPro Go visit www.uprogps.ca. Available: Nov.11, 2009

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