Canada Cup Tournament Carries On – Host Victoriaville Golf Club Becomes Key Sponsor

Photo : From left to right : Patrick Couture of Sani Marc, André Bellevance, mayor of Victoriaville, Benoit Bélanger from Desjardins, Jerry Séguin from Coupe Canada Sani Marc – Desjardins, Alain Danault, Jacques Roy from the Victoriaville golf Club, Jérôme Blais, professional golfer and Jim Kenesky from Great Lakes Tour

Victoriaville, Quebec – One of the largest professional golf events in Canada will carry on. The Canada Cup Sani Marc – Desjardins, which has become a staple event for aspiring touring pros, was in jeopardy after the Circuit Canada Pro Tour (CCPT) ceased operations. CCPT principal Jean Trudeau shut down the tour this past Spring as he faced health issues, and as the organizer behind the Canada Cup, it faced a grim future.

After much thought and effort, the host site of the tournament, the Victoriaville Golf Club, has committed financially as the main sponsor of the event, and will host the 7th edition on August 15-18.

To help administer the event they have teamed up with the Great Lakes Tour, who had a working arrangement with the CCPT. The team at the GLT will handle registration., regulations, and course setup.

GLT partner Jim Kenesky, in a text, shared that is was a “proud day” to be selected to administer an event outside of Ontario for the first time and they look forward to exploring other possibilities in line with the move.

The Victoriaville Golf Club says the decision to work with the GLT was an easy one. “GLT is the best choice to meet the challenge of organizing such events in such a short time. GLT is at the head of some fifteen professional competitions annually and has been in operation since 2001. They also have the resources and the expertise to ensure the success of the competition,” they shared in a statement.

While the decision to keep the tournament alive was challenging one, it had to be addressed quickly and those involved with the Victoriaville Golf Club felt it was a priority.

“Following the closure of CCPT a little over a month ago, we were destabilized and as many, very worried about the future of our unique event. However, we decided to invest all our energy to ensure the survival of the Sani Marc – Desjardins Canada Cup for this year and the years to come. I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary work accomplished by Jerry Séguin, President of CCSM-D and our Executive Director, Alain Danault. These two have worked miracles in a very short time,” said Jacques Roy, president of the Victoriaville Golf Club.

The field for the 156 player championship will play for a total purse of $125,000 with $25,000 for the winner. It is the largest purse golf event in Canada outside of the Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada.

The field will be created from a variety of avenues. Fifty spots will be held for golf professionals from Quebec while 35 will come from the Great Lakes Tour, 40 from the PGA of Canada, 10 spots for amateurs, six special exemptions, with the balance (15) advancing to the tournament from Great Lakes Tour event qualifiers.

“None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of the great partners who have supported the event from the very beginning. The City of Victoriaville, the Sani Marc Group, Desjardins and the Plombaction Group have all agreed to continue the adventure without hesitation,” said Jerry Séguin, Chair of the Sani Marc – Desjardins Canada Cup Organizing Committee.

An agreement with title partner Sani Marc will mean free access for spectators during all four tournament rounds.

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