Carleton Golf & Yacht Club Repeats

For the third straight year the team from the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club sits atop of the standings at the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Women’s Intersectionals presented by Flagstick Golf Magazine.

It was a close competition for Division A supremacy, coming down to to the very last match.

With one match to play the host club, Rivermead, was looking pretty good with 29 points accumulate while two-time defending champions Carleton Golf & Yacht Club had just 24 points on the board.  There was just one outcome that would be possible to keep Rivermead from becoming the top team in the intersectionals.  Unfortunately for them that was exactly what happened as Carleton’s Lise Jubinville posted 6 points while Rivermead anchor Nicole Lauzier came up empty with 0 points.

Carleton prevailed by a single point, 30 to 29.

The team from Royal Ottawa finished third with 15 points while Camelot earned just 10.

The winning team for Carleton consisted of: Nancy Gerritse (Alternate), Judy Taylor, Lisa Gordon, Brenda Pilon, Nancy Horne, Erika Godwin, Bonnie Wolff and Lise Jubinville.


Results from the 2102 OVGA Women’s Intersectional Matches presented by Flagstick Golf Magazine


Division A Rivermead

1st place: Carleton – 30 points

2nd place: Rivermead – 29 points

3rd place: Royal Ottawa – 15 points

4th place: Camelot – 10 points


6 point winners:

Krista Balenko, Rivermead

Monique Rouleau, Rivermead

Lise Plouffe-Hunter, Rivermead

Kerry McVey, Rivermead

Lise Perrier, Rivermead

Erica Godwin, Carleton

Bonnie Wolff, Carleton

Lise Jubinville, Carleton


Division B Brockville

1st place: Brockville – 28 points

2nd place: Tecumseh – 24

3rd place: Rideau View – 24

4th place: Arnprior – 8


6 point winners

Heather Morgan, Brockville

Sharon Ellis, Brockville

Leanne Ellis, Brockville

Erin MacCormack, Arnprior

Pam Burnside, Rideau View

Monique Osborne, Tecumseh

Danielle Pepin, Tecumseh


Division C at Kanata

1st place: Kanata – 27 points

2nd place: Cedarhill – 25 points

3rd place: Hylands – 17 points

4th place: Outaouais – 15 points


6 point winners:

Sandy Finnegan, Cedarhill

Jan Mayer, Kanata

Tracey Wilson, Kanata

Elizabeth Matte, Outaouais

Morgan McHardy, Cedarhill

Kate Burnett, Cedarhill


Division D at GreyHawk

1st place: GreyHawk – 28 points

2nd place: Mississippi – 25 points

3rd place: Ottawa Hunt Club – 19 points

4th place: Smiths Falls – 12 points


6 point winners:

Sylvie Charrette, GreyHawk

Penny May, Smiths Falls

Julie Watkins, Ottawa Hunt Club

Lyla James, Mississippi

Diane Illingworth, Mississippi


Division E at Cornwall

1st place: Hautes Plaines – 31 points

2nd place: Buckingham – 21 points

3rd place: Cornwall – 21 points

4th place: Prescott – 11 points


6 point winners:

Lynice Currier, Cornwall

Lilliane Proulx, Buckingham

Lucie Charbonneau, Buckingham

Kim Matthews, Hautes Plaines

Sue Gillean, Hautes Plaines

Gervaise Fortin, Hautes Plaines

Diane Mansfield, Hautes Plaines


Division F at Madawaska

1st place: Greensmere – 34 points

2nd place: Madawaska – 26 points

3rd place: Larrimac – 14 points

4th place: Pembroke – 10 points


6 point winners:

Michelle Beale, Madawaska

Debbie McGuire, Madawaska

Anne Rafuse, Larrimac

Sue McKee, Greensmere

Moira Stephen, Greensmere

Sherrie Rodenkirch, Greensmere


Division G at Renfrew

1st place: Renfrew – 37 points

2nd place: Pakenham Highlands – 30 points

3rd place: Mountain Creek – 10 points

4th place: Calabogie Highlands – 7 points


6 point winners:

Lois Butson, Renfrew

Marie Pier, Renfrew

Kim MacDonald, Renfrew

Donna Falcon, Renfrew

Elain Gitzkes, Pakenham Highlands

Dianne Murray, pakenham Highlands


Division H at Metcalfe

Tie: 1st place at 25 points: Kingsway* (winner, with 8 points in tie breaker) & Perth (2nd place with 6 points in tie breaker)

3rd place: Metcalfe – 21 points

4th place: Irish Hills – 13 points


6 point winners:

Heather Lockett, Metcalfe

Chris Rennie, Metcalfe

Chris Quaile, Metcalfe

Rachel Bedard, Kingsway

Chris Colton, Perth


Division I at Canadian

1st place: Canadian – 30 points

2nd place: Algonquin – 27 points

3rd place: Les Vieux Moulins – 14 points

4th place : Glen Mar – 13 points


6 point winners :

Terri McCormack, Canadian

Meghan McLean, Algonquin

Ruth Ahearn, Algonquin

Danielle Dénommé, Algonquin

Brenda St. Marseille, Canadian


Division J at Deep River

1st place: Deep River – 26 points

2nd place: Oaks of Cobden – 25 points

3rd place: Hammond – 22 points

4th place: Roanoke – 11 points


6 point winners:

Velma Connelly, Deep River

Colleen James, Deep River

Loretta Hennessey, Oaks of Cobden

Helen Rossi, Roanoke

Joanne Gauthier, Hammond

Elise Gauthier, Hammond



Division K at Morrisburg

1st place: Eagle Creek – 41 points

2nd place: Morrisburg – 25 points

3rd place: Poplar Grove – 10 points

4th place: Iroquois – 8 points


6 point winners:

Cathy Lefebvre, Eagle Creek

Cathi Armstrong, Eagle Creek

Robin Rock, Eagle Creek

Elizabeth Stoqua, Eagle Creek

Linda Kitz, Eagle Creek

Susan Dodge, Eagle Creek

Pam Fraser, Eagle Creek


Division L at Lombard Glen

1st place: Lombard Glen – 40 points

2nd place: Whitetail – 27 points

3rd place: Cedar Glen – 17 points


6 point winners:

Bonnie Brown, Lombard Glen

Leanne Watt, Lombard Glen

Gail Turcotte, Lombard Glen

Lorraine Middlemiss, Whitetail

Mary Cornish, Lombard Glen

Lauralee Sloane, Lombard Glen

Angela Rennie, Lombard Glen

Joanne Crane, Whitetail


Division M at Summerheights

1st place: Summerheights – 37 points

2nd place tie at 17 points: Heritage* (2nd place, with 2 points in tie breaker) and Rideau Glen (3rd place, with 0 points in tie breaker)

4th place: Mont Cascade – 13 points


6 point winners:

Anne Leduc, Summerheights

Patricia Tetreault, Summerheights

Gail Adams, Summerheights

Alex Martell, Summerheights

Vicki Lalonde, Summerheights

Robyn Campbell, Summerheights

Hélène Hurtubise, Heritage

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