Catching Up With Greensmere’s Lyle Alexander 

by Joe McLean

Greensmere Golf & Country Club’s Lyle Alexander was profiled in the August, 2013 edition of Flagstick Golf Magazine. At that time he touched on the fact that early on he had two goals in his golf career and that he had accomplished the first goal by winning a club championship in each of six decades with his 2012 Club Championship at Greensmere. His second goal was to shoot his age or better.

So what has happened in Lyle Alexander’s life since 2013?

The short answer is that he has won three Senior Club Championships at Greensmere and technically, with his Senior Championship win at Greensmere in 2021, he has won Club Championships over his seven decades of play. His record shows thirty-five Club Championships; seventeen Club (Outaouais – 6, Carleton – 2, Mississippi – 5 & Greensmere – 4) and eighteen Senior Club Championships (Mississippi -4 & Greensmere – 14).

As for shooting his age or better; Lyle has accomplished that feat 119 times. It started in his 68th year in 2014, when he shot 68 twice at Greensmere.

Let’s hear from Lyle Alexander in his own words about his achievements and what he is looking for in the future.

Club Championships

In 2012 after I had won the “A” club championship at Greensmere and realizing that I had won club championships in 6 different decades, I set my sights on the 2020 CC as having an opportunity to win in 7 different decades. However, after my heart attack, bypass, significant loss in weight and strength, I figured that goal would be almost impossible to achieve when playing from the back gold tees, playing at 6900+ yards at Greensmere. I then thought about possibly winning the senior CC in 2020 or after as a modification of that goal of winning in 7 decades. I was second to Mike Poloni in 2020 and managed to edge our “A” club champion Norm Baird by 1 stroke in 2021. Mission accomplished. Frankly, considering my age then, 75, and what happened previously, I was elated as I had no real expectations that I could win again, especially with Mike and Norm in the field as they are very good players and hit the ball so much farther than me.

Shooting My Age

After shooting my age twice in social games in 2014, I was obviously happy but relieved at the same time. This was because I had an opportunity to shoot my age playing in an OVGA Field Day at Irish Hills at age 66. I just needed a par on hole-18 to score that 66 but from the middle of the fairway I proceeded to make a triple bogey, won the tournament but was very disappointed to blow the opportunity. Now, when I play, my goal is to shoot my age which is becoming easier as the game is diminishing at a slower rate than my age.

Shooting under my age with a 67 at Kanata in my 70th year in 2015

The game at Kanata was a social game with Richard Hamilton with whom I used to play both at Outaouais GC and Carleton G&YC.  IMO, Kanata is the most difficult course in the Ottawa area to score well on and on that occasion I just had one of the best putting rounds ever on greens that were perfectly smooth and faster than what I was used to. Again, with no expectations except to play the best I can, scoring under both par and my age at age 70 on a very difficult course, was extremely satisfying.

As an aside, one of my inspirations and a feat that I thought was very impressive then, was playing with Glen Seely in an OVGA Field Day at Smiths Falls GC many years ago where, at age 70, he won the tournament. I won a similar tournament at Mont St. Marie at the same age which just shows that with hard work and good luck, we can still play some good golf at times, regardless of age.

I will continue to play in OVGA tournaments and finishing in the top 15 to make the OVGA Cup is one other goal, in addition to the age one. 

Plus, I just want to improve my game, especially the chipping and putting. I’ve worked hard over the winter on my putting stroke, have incorporated the Stack and Tilt fundamentals into my swing and the recent trips to the range have shown very positive results. Any accomplishments are obviously incidental to how I play. 

Most importantly, I just want to stay healthy to be able to play as long as I can.” 

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