CCAA Cancels National Golf Championship

The annual general meeting of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) took place this past week (June 8-11) and one of the outcomes was a decision that has an effect on the golf community.

The association decided to cancel four Fall National Championships, among them the CCAA National Golf Championship.

It was set to be played Oct. 12-16 at Club de Golf Le Lorette in Lorretteville, Quebec, hosted by Champlain St. Lawrence Lions.

“Our guiding principles throughout this process have been the safety of our student-athletes, the student-athlete experience as well as fiscal responsibility,” said Vince Amato, CCAA President. “We are unable to meet certain conditions that we set as a board, and unfortunately we had to make this difficult decision.”

The decision was made by the CCAA Task Force, with representation by all six CCAA conferences.

Joining Golf as sports with cancelled Fall CCAA Championships are Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer and Cross-Country Running National Championships.

The CCAA says that because the Championships for these Fall sports will not be offered that no eligibility will be used up by student-athletes for the 2020-2021 season.

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